Get coupons for Amazon, Flipkart, and PayPal online with Toluna Surveys. With Toluna Survey offerings, you can receive monthly prizes worth up to Rs. 5,000. With the most incredible survey offerings on Toluna, maximise your online time.

Also, the Toluna new user offers to allow you to receive 500 points when you sign up for this website. If you still need to register for this website, you should do so immediately because you can complete surveys and create your own.

We give you access to the most incredible Toluna deals so you can use them to take online surveys for cash and gift cards. See the most recent Toluna offers and surveys to see how you may make money online. This website provides a variety of fun promos that you can find on this page. 

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Toluna Offer 2023

We have mentioned some of the Toluna Offers for you through which you can win Toluna Deposit points, Vouchers, and much more. So keep reading to earn more points at the best survey website in India.



Toluna Sign up Offer 

Get 500 Wallet Points

Toluna Survey Offer

Get a voucher and real cash up to Rs. 5,000

Refer and Earn Offer

Get 500 Points each time you refer a friend or family

Toluna Sign Up Offer

Not signed up at Toluna India yet? Then what are you waiting for? Sign up at the best survey website in India and get points on your sign-up. Also, once you sign up, you get easy access to participate in surveys or do your survey and interact with thousands of people. 

Toluna Survey Offer

At the best survey website, you can take the study or be a part of thousands of surveys and there you can win and get vouchers from the different online shopping websites like Amazon, FLipkart, Shoppers Stop, Nykaa, and many more. So, now surveys also let you win real money and vouchers.

Toluna Coupon Codes

Get extra value for your money with Toluna coupon codes. Different promo codes are available that help you save on your online survey experience. You get a deposit bonus and survey offers with the promo codes available on the website. 

To find the latest promo codes you don't have to make any effort, simply visit the page and avail them with a button. 

Toluna Refer And Earn

This website allows you to earn more with their refer and earn program in which you can refer to the survey app through a link which is given on the web or app and then once your friends or family register themselves then you get to earn 500 points in your Toluna account.

About Toluna India

Toluna Influencers are ordinary people like you, correlated to many via various digital media channels, including their online community. 

As an Influencer, you are authorised to modify the goods and services that are of value to you!

Share your idea by acknowledging the toluna survey on the website, and motivate the change in real time.

Your voice + Our voice = The Voice of Change. They assure that your opinion will directly influence companies and how they business, classify or promote new goods and assistance to customers like you. 

Not only that, but with this website, your assistance is also identified, and you will get granted points that you can switch for cash and/or rewards.

What Is A Survey?

Surveys are designed by customers who are regularly market research companies and trademarks.

Most of the time, their surveys will last between 15 and 20 minutes.

Each toluna survey will begin with a few topics to ensure you are part of the targeted demographic organisation required for the study. 

Sometimes, concluding whether someone passes a survey takes just a few questions. Other times, it may demand more. When you do not restrict for a survey, your acknowledgements cannot get used in the final analysis conclusions, and therefore are never assigned to the clients. 

You can reach out on surveys at this website or via an invitation to your inbox. Remember that choosing your profile surveys on this website will give you a more prominent chance of being picked for particular surveys.

How Toluna India Runs?

Toluna allows two types of surveys: profile surveys, which take a minute or two to finish and are worthing 100 points, and longer surveys, which last 10 to 20 minutes and deserve more.

Profile surveys

Profile surveys are intended to acquire more about you so they can send the essential surveys to your system. For example, I said I had an iPhone in one profile survey about mobile phones, so this website apparently won’t invite you to take surveys about Androids. These surveys exist on the website.

Longer surveys

You can reach the longer surveys by picking from a diversity of classes such as lifestyle, food and vehicles, and much more on its inherent “survey centre” page. Click on a category, and you’ll be addressed to a page detailing an accessible survey. 

When you clicked on the “lifestyle” category, for instance, the page gave the survey topic “entertainment,” the number of points you could earn and the expected time for fulfilment. These surveys generally take you to a third-party place.

Bonuses At The Survey Website

Bonuses are what they offer for your time consumed, giving your opinion. You get rewards in the form of points which can get obtained for all kinds of great stuff, from sweepstakes cards for numerous new gadgets or getaways, gift cards for a large variety of stores including Coles and Woolworths, Amazon or despite cold hard money! 

You also get points for manageable things like signing up, naming out your profile questionnaires and producing quality content. But once your stability starts rising, it's up to you what compensates you get and when you cash them in.

Create Free Surveys and Polls Online

Want to start a conversation in the community? Formulate a topic to begin an open-ended forum with other people on the website. It's that easy! Question anything and everything, and wait for the people's acknowledgements to come streaming in.

Plan a Poll to ask a question with multiple pre-formed solutions, from which other members can make one or various choices. As members acknowledge the Poll, statistics and infographics will modernise in real-time. This is an excellent method to get immediate answers to your important questions.

Can't pick between two choices? Build a Battle to equate two different things and let the neighbourhood decide. Or, if you are on a barrier about something, plan a Thumb It and let other members give the point with their thumbs up or fingers down.

How Does This Website Use The Data Collected? 

When you join, they ask for personal data such as your name, address, gender, birthday and job status to match you with the proper market analysis schemes. 

This knowledge is also used for the objectives of consideration fulfilment so that they may send your reward to the appropriate recipient location.

Other individual data that you may be asked to present to them is individually for the idea of construction and working an exclusive worldwide database of panellists, to manage market analysis studies on that data.  

This website only gives information to customers anonymously and aggregates it for use in business research and for the client's private goals.

This website does not use Direct Marketing and will never give your data to telemarketers or ad companies for advertising and targeting plans.

Reward Centres At Toluna

If you win, you can get rewards from the following amazing and trusted websites. So, now let us know the centres from which you can get the rewards:

  • Nykaa

  • Amazon

  • Big Bazaar

  • Flipkart

  • Paypal

  • Shoppers Stop

Download The Survey App!

Nowadays, everything is hands-on, so now you can play games, do surveys, and much more on the app, which you can download on your Android and iOS app for free. Download the survey website now and get access to many offers and discounts. 

Now win money and rewards at your fingertips with the app!!!

How To Register At Toluna?

  • Go to Toluna web or app

  • Register with Username, Email ID & Password

  • Click on Next 

  • Enter your name, DOB, address, and phone number to complete the registration process

  • You're ready to do surveys and more

Personal Data Collected On Toluna!

Personal data means any knowledge about a person from which that person can be recognised. It does not include data where the identity has been separated (i.e. unacknowledged data).

They may collect, use, store and transport different kinds of personal data about you which they have arranged collectively as follows:

Identity data – name (covers first, last, maiden and married names), date of birth, marital status, gender, panellist id and username.

Contact data – registered address, email address and telephone number.

Specific classifications of personal data – ethnic/racial origin, health, genetics, political opinion, religion, sexual introduction and sex life.

Demographic/Profile data – interests, decisions, feedback and survey answers and covering, but not limited to; age, marital status, gender, birthday, household size, income, education and employment status.

Technical Data comprises internet protocol (IP) addresses, toluna login data, browser type and version, time zone context and place, browser plug-in samples and reports, working system and policies and other technology on the tools you use to reach this website.

Pseudonymised data are identifiable data as individual identifiers, e.g. panellist IDs or Professional data are used, though personal identifiers, such as; name and Contact data, are removed.

Ways To Become A Member Of This Survey Website

Mobile Application

You may prefer to become a Member by using the mobile application (app). When you download and use the mobile app, they automatically assemble the system and display knowledge on the type of machine you use, running system versions, device identifier and hardware usage statistics such as CPU, RAM, storage, and app version. 

They will use the knowledge they collect via the mobile app following the phrases of the privacy notice and the requirements set out here.

They send you to push announcements occasionally to inform you about surveys and ask if you would like to engage in some marketing analysis studies following the secrecy notice. 

If you no longer wish to get these types of information, you may turn them off at the machine level. To assure you get precise information, they will need to obtain information about your devices such as operating system and user credentials data.


They may make possible a service either immediately or through third parties by which you can get messages on your wireless device via a short message setting ("SMS Service")

Your provider's official data and messaging prices apply to all SMS messages. All charges are charged by and owed to your mobile service provider. 

You signify that you are the purchaser or approved user of the wireless device on which messages will get accepted and that you are allowed to maintain the appropriate commands. 

Private data collected from you with this SMS service may combine your Identity data and Contact data, your provider's name, and your messages' date, time, and content. The use of this data will be under the privacy notice. 

Single Sign-On

You can log in to the site using sign-in services such as Facebook Connect or an Open ID provider. These settings will verify your identity and allow you to become a Member. 

Settings like Facebook Connect allow you to post knowledge about your movements on this site to your profile page to share with others inside your tracks.


If you want to use referral assistance to tell a friend about the site, you may pass your bizarre referral link to your friend, and if your friend becomes a Member, the website will present you with the points as a bonus.

Create A Poll Or Ask A Question

  • Go to the 'Toluna Community" page.

  • Tick on "Poll" in the device widget in the top half of the page. 

  • The widget will open to enable you to ask a question and add 2 to 10 answer choices for other members to pick from.

Toluna Review

Suppose you're looking for steps to make money, Take online surveys on the Toluna India site is incredible to help you out a lot. It will take you hours to make sufficient to cover any reward. The upside: It's simple to work. And you might even experience targeted surveys.

Avail The Best Toluna Offers With FreeKaaMaal

At FreeKaaMaal, we take full care of your savings. We bring the latest offers and coupons to help you save on purchases. 

The website coupons are updated daily to make sure you don’t miss out on any significant development. You can find the latest and working offers daily. These offers can get redeemed with the click of a button. 

With the best promotions, your online survey experience will be more satisfying. Enjoy online surveys and more with the handpicked offers that are updated daily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I do surveys in India?

A1. You can do some great surveys and be part of other people's surveys at Toluna as it is one of the best websites for all the people in India. You can sign up for free and avail of amazing offers and discounts on surveys.

Q2. Is there any Toluna Sign Up Offer?

A2. Yes! A sign-up offer is currently available in which you can earn 500 points. It is a new user offer valid for everyone. 

Q3. What are the Toluna Games?

A3. To make society even more interesting, they have joined a Games Centre where you can get your regular dose of fun! Some games are available every day, while others only show up for a short time.

Q4. Can I get the Voucher at Toluna?

A4. Yes! You can get vouchers from Amazon, Shoppers Stop, Nykaa, Flipkart, Myntra, and many more amazing websites you can win.

Q5. Are there any Refer and Earn programs at Toluna India?

A5. Yes! They have a refer-and-earn program where you can refer the survey website to your friends and family and get 500 points instantly.

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