Top 11 Websites and Apps to Sell Old Clothes Online in India

Everyone wants extra money. Who would not like the money coming to them? What if I tell you that it is possible for you right now, whoever you are, whether you are a student or a homemaker, Professional or artist.

In this article, we have mentioned the Websites and Apps to Sell Old Clothes Online in India which are super easy and comfortable for you to buy and sell your clothes online. 

I know, you would be wondering that you would have to invest either a lot of time or a lot of money. Then let me make it very clear against your expectation that No! It is not the case.

The online marketplace is a huge opportunity for all of us, and I will talk about businesses that need no investment to earn and grow. I am talking about something that will bring money along with cluttering your wardrobe section.

Yess! This time you guessed it right, I am talking about selling your old clothes online in India. You can sell clothes for women, men, children, and teens categories. Let's see how.

And if you are a person who loves buying clothes online, then you can go through our article in which we have mentioned about top online clothing sites in India.

Websites and Apps to Sell Old Clothes Online in India

List Of Top 11 Websites and Apps to Sell Old Clothes Online in India

Here, we have shortlisted 11 best websites to sell used clothes online India. To know the in-depth detail for all the below mentioned website, continue reading till the end.

Name Of The Websites










Vintage desi














Video On Top 11 Websites To Sell Clothes Online In India

Here, we have provided you with a quik video where we have selected the top 11 websites to buy and sell clothes online in India

Review Of Websites and Apps to Sell Old Clothes Online in India

Here, we have reviwed all the sites and apps in details. To know more about these sites and apps, scroll down to this article and read till the end. 



Tradesy allows selling of any brands and designs as long as the character of the goods is met with the set criteria. They also edit photo ones it is upload from user side. After that, it is upto the seller to choose the price for the product. Tradesy takes a 9% commission, and their mode of payment is PayPal. This is one of the few websites that receive replacements.

Tradesy is the extravagance fashion resale marketplace that enables women to get the designer fashion they want — on their own terms. They allow millions of clients to sell what's in their closets and fund their next shopping binge. All while saving up to 90% off retail. Fashion is the third most polluting industry on the planet. Let that drain in for a second. Increasing the life cycle of luxury goods decreases the need for new items and produces less toxic fashion waste. That means more affordable indulgence in all of their wardrobes — and less in landfills.

Key Highlights

  • They keep it real with everything which is confirmed genuine, or your money back
  • Sell what’s in your wardrobe today to buy what you want tomorrow and always on your own terms
  • Your personal style, your way all for up to 90% off retail

2. Poshmark


Poshmark is one of the biggest social commerce marketplaces for fashion. You can buy, sell and share your own style on this program. You can make your own group profile or follow other fashion lovers here and adore their fashion styles. You can list items on Poshmark and share images of the goods.

Poshmark is more than just a shopping stop; and it's a lively neighbourhood powered by millions of Seller Stylists, who not only sell their individual style but also curate looks for their buyers, generating the most relevant shopping happening in the world.

Key Highlights

  • Guarded Amounts - If it's not what you bought, they promise to give your money back.
  • Expedited Shipping - All orders ship via USPS preference mail. With their pre-paid label, shipping has never been simpler!
  • Free Authentication - Shop with self-confidence! Posh Authenticate allows free authentication on leisure items.

3. Stylflip


Sell your used or pre-owned clothes in the most significant marketplace. Sell yesterday's favourite to find your new perfect! Stylflip is a very competitive marketplace. You need to be a little alert while giving outstanding service, describe items accurately and completely.To enjoy plentiful sales and run a good business selling clothing online, you need to find items that are in high demand, short supply and have good profit margins.  

While giving a description give some thought to precisely understand what your buyers will be typing into the search box and then curate yours. Stylflip strives to be India’s largest community-driven virtual closet program where users can buy, sell and discover their own style by shopping from the closets of millions of women around them. Their long term vision is to present users with unlimited access to brands and the latest in fashion from all over the world. They believe women should never have to bother about reforming their clothes ever and have something new to wear every day without cluttering their closet!

On Stylflip, you will have a safe and secure payment, Hassle-free returns and authenticity guarantee.

Key Highlights


4. Spoyl


Sell and buy pre-owned clothing and accessories in a hassle-free and fully protected Spoyl marketplace. Download the Spoyl App and gain access to the closets of fashionistas across India. You may also apply for Spoyl concierge if you don't have the time for listings. Spoyl lets you sell pre-worn items (as long as they are in good condition) through their Android and iPhone apps. With the App, you can list clothes and accessories in the Spoyl marketplace and then forget about them. As from then, Spoyl will handle everything, and when someone likes the item and chooses to own it, you make money.

This website was commenced with the aim of making celebrity fashion it to the rest of the world. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store. They have monthly discounts and sales, and one can pick from 1000+ outfits. It is also easy to sell on this website. One can find qualified buyers within 3 seconds of posting the items. The app also makes it easy to chat with the buyer. Thus, easy consultations are also welcome. Apart from that, If you are looking to buy from Spoyl, India's largest fashion influencer led online shopping destination, then do not miss their Spoyl first order offer.

Key Highlights

  • Easy Return
  • 24/7 Support
  • 100% Order Protection
  • Live Order Tracking

5. Vintage desi

vintage desi

Vintage desi is a famous name among modern Indian women who knows the power of technology. It is an online boutique bringing you access to sought-after designer garments and accessories at bargain prices. So, Individuals if you are wondering how to free up that closet space and find a new home for their gently used designer clothes, then it is for you. To sell on Vintage, you need to fill up a form. It's not that job application form so relax!

Key Highlights

  1. Great advertising! Gets you connected to buyers directly

  2. Zero listing fees!  

  3. Extra money! Good condition designer clothes, kept at the back of your closet translates to hard cash!

  4. They are freeing up of wardrobe space.

6. Refashioner


Refashioner provides you with a platform to sell goods from footwear, bags, accessories, garments, and other items of clothing. It is known as one of the best places to sell your designer clothes and get a reasonable price for that. There are clothes from many models, businesswomen and others on this website if you want to buy any. Quite exciting! I know people love clothes that tell a story.

This website makes it more comfortable for one to buy, swap and sell items at a minimum price. The point of the site is to build a customised closet as a city. When one uploads the picture of his/her clothes to sell, it either gets acquired or discarded. Based on that, if the item does get acquired, a mail about a reasonable price for the same will also be recommended. After the sale, the money gets added to your account. This money can be given to your bank account or can be used to buy something else online, which works as a swap.

In 2010-2014, At refashioner, thousands of members traded their good stuff, with stories, and stalked each other.

Key Highlights

  • Sell your designer used clothes at a reasonable rate
  • Easy to use

7. OLX


Olx helps people exchange goods and services through products and services that customers love. Continuing the trend, you may easily list your old clothes and sell them to the vast Indian marketplace. While listing your item, keep in mind to create an engaging ad title so that people can get instantly attracted to your collection. It is always a safe side to describe so that the viewer can easily understand about the cloth stuff and material. In terms of cloth, it is essential to mention the colour so that people can have a clear image of the shown item.

Key Highlights

  • Easy listing of used clothes
  • Huge marketlace to sell your used clothes

8. Coutloot


Cout loot is again an Indian website and App that helps sell old clothes in the most fun and easy way. Apart from selling old clothes, you can also find a lot of fashion bloggers selling items from their closets and get inspiration from them.

This platform is a must-try if you have in mind where to sell used clothes for cash in India, or for both selling your old clothes and buying new ones!

Key Highlights

  • List in 60 secs.

  • Free Pickups

  • Free Listing

  • Hassle-Free transaction

  • Quick payments

  • Earn easy cash

9. ThredUp

James Reinhart is the CEO and founder of It is one of the country’s leading marketplaces for buying and selling high-quality used clothes. At the point when you're prepared to clean up your wardrobe, you can order a Clear-Out Unit from ThredUp. The pack in the unit functions as your shipment bag and can be loaded with everything in good condition, from kid’s and women's clothing to shoes and accessories. The store will not acknowledge things with stains, openings, pilling or indications of wear. 

Key Highlights

  • Perfect clothing is being discarded

  • Provides a circular fashion future

  • Safe Payments

10. Zepo


With Zepo E-commerce Platform You can create an online store within 5 Minutes and Reach Customers Worldwide. This simple yet powerful platform will allow you to go global and create a fashion apparel store to earn without any hassle. People can see the details with the refined zoom feature while the product suggestions Increase Conversions By 30% and help you to earn more. With the trusted, Loving and recommended, Zepo helped more than 1700+ Entrepreneurs having Their Businesses Online.

Key Highlights

  • Go global and create a fashion apparel store
  • Reach Customers Worldwide
  • Simple Yet Powerful Platform

11. Etashee


Etashee is similar to OLX of fashion where you can sell used clothes online at a reasonable price. This website focuses only on fashion items, consequently reaching out to a broader targeted and niche audience.

You can quickly solve the common problem of closet overflow with this website. You can buy new as well as pre-owned fashion for women and men and also sell pre-owned clothes here. 

Etashee is comparable to OLX of fashion where you can sell used clothes online in India at a moderate price. This website concentrates only on fashion items, consequently leading out to a wider targeted and recess public

Etashee provides a fast, easy, and convenient selling process.

Key Highlights

  • Wide Audience Reach

  • 100% free listing

  • Hassle-free shipping

  • Easy money

Benifits Of Selling Old Clothes Online

We all have a closet full of old clothes that we seldom think of wearing. Some may be designer pieces that are really expensive but out of style. You may have bought them out of an impulse to realize that it was a wrong decision.

Now what to do in this situation? You can either donate these for a social cause or may sell them online for ample reasons. 

Let's see why selling old clothes online can be a good and wise decision.

  • Quick Money

Selling old clothes is always a quick money decision. You get a good amount for classy designer pieces. They have a vintage and brand value. Some old authentic traditional clothes fetch a good amount for their cloth material and handwork.

You can get some good money by selling your old clothes online if you sell wisely and on a right platform

  • Not Useful For You Useful For Others

It is also an excellent decision to make something useful for others that you don't consider helpful for yourself; an old designer gown may have no value for you but maybe a good choice for others. They can get it at a good deal amount, and you can also earn from the same.

  • Space For New Ones

Another valid and essential reason to get rid of your old clothes is the need for more space. Old garments may take up a lot of space that can be vacated by selling all of your old clothes online. Online selling of old clothes and apparel will make room for the new ones that will grace your future events. 

Isn't it as exciting as earning a good amount after selling an old one to buy a new one?

  • Revamping Of Closet

Selling old clothes also helps revamp your closet. You can plan an all-new wardrobe collection with the money you earned and a space now created. also, it may create ample opportunity to design a wardrobe that suits your taste, physique and budget.,now you can buy what you need rather than delay buying and owning it. Selling old clothes online is indeed a wiser choice.

  • Large Customer Base

Online selling also helps you cater to a broader customer base; this increases the chances of getting better buyers. You Can ask for more and can bid on your clothes too. If you own a vintage designer piece, you can bid your clothes and fetch a considerable amount for the piece. Online platforms help get you better customers and a large number of buyers.

You can seriously consider selling your clothes online and can get better returns on them. The old clothes may be sitting idle in your closet can actually earn some good amount for you.


So these were the Top 11 Websites and Apps to Sell Old Clothes Online in India and earn a significant amount of money. Every site has its advantages and selling criteria. You need to choose which platform you can find your target customers. You can try multiple websites to check which works best for you.

Making a new room in your wardrobe for a fresh collection is always beneficial. And what could be better than earning from those old collections? Enjoy the technology expansion and sell online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I sell my clothes online?

A1. You can sell your clothes and other good on OLX, Spoyl, Stylflip, Tradesy, and many more online websites. You can also buy the trendiest good from the mentioned websites. 

Q2. What is the best app for selling clothes?

A2. The best app for selling clothes are Spoyl, Poshmark, Refashioner, Vintage desi, and many more. All these web sites help you by selling your old clothes at a reasonable price and also let you buy fashionable clothes online.

Q.3.  Is the second-hand clothing business profitable?

A3. Used clothing stores provide a higher profit margin because the inventory is donated or consigned rather than purchased


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