As parents we were really short of tasty and truly healthy options to feed our children. We soon realized that parents of other young children felt the same lack of options they could trust with their eyes closed. It felt like we HAD to do something to make things better. We also wanted to start a business which could be a force for good. We decided to follow our heart. We dug into recipes from our Grandmothers kitchens and ingredients like Millets from our childhood. And we decided we had to make them tasty. What followed was a whirlwind of childhood memories. “My mum used to force a Ragi drink down my throat, I wish we could come up with a yummy way to eat Ragi". Our first product was a Chocolate Ragi Cookie, made by a childhood friend who is the most incredible baker. It is yummy!
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Free delivery above Rs 500 on 1st order

Slurrpfarm is offering the Free delivery above Rs 500 on 1st order

Flat 30% Off On Selected Products

Get Flat 30% off (Products available: 100% organic chia seeds, banana powder, nut powder, jaggery powder, brown rice powder, oats powder, millet oat porridge, etc.)


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