Sexual wellness is of prime importance nowadays. People are well aware of their health and its needs. And when it comes to sexual health, they are extra cautious as sexually transmitted diseases are not easy to identify and cannot get treated quickly. They believe in complete protection from infection, sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancies. Skore is a brand that checks your sexual wellness and helps you get protected from sexually transmitted infections. With Skore Discount Promo Codes active from time to time, get yourself up to a 25% discount on the products from Skore.


You can get the best discounts on all the sexual wellness and sexual pleasure products from Skore. If you are well aware of your sexual wellness, then Skore is the brand that provides you with all the products related to your sexual health and protection from various diseases.


Here at, you can stay updated about any offer by the brand on their wide variety of products. You can regularly visit the page, make yourself aware of the latest offers on the store and its products, and avail yourself of great discounts on great deals.


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Skore Offers 2022


Up To 25% Off

Big Advantage Packs

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Different Combos- Gels, Sprays, Lubes

Up To 15% Off

Selected Product Range

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Spray Combos

About Skore

Today, fundamental sexual awareness is not available to many in different parts of the country. But let's talk about the literate millennial population. All are aware of the usefulness of the sexual wellness products and the products that can enhance sexual pleasure and boost their sexual health, along with keeping unwanted pregnancies and sexual infections at bay. Here comes the role of brands like Skore that help one get the best of sexual wellness products that fulfill all the needs. With Skore Offers, one can buy them at the best and the most affordable price.

Skore is a brand launched in 2012 by the TTK Group. The brand since 2012 has achieved a lot and now stands at number two in the Indian market. It has changed the market scene and has made different sexual pleasure-inducing and sexual wellness products available to the Indian market. The company deals in various categories of products, and it offers products for all the needs related to sexual health and sexual pleasure. You can go through their range and choose the most suited for yourself according to your needs and requirements.

Exclusive Skore Products Range

Skore has a range of products to offer its large customer base, and the company is now at the second number in the Indian market. With Skore Coupons, you can get these products at the best price at your doorsteps.

Skore products provide comprehensive solutions for sexual wellness and protection from unwanted pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Skore has a range of products that offer protection from sexually transmitted infections and help in experiencing maximum satisfaction out of your sexual experiences and provide ultimate pleasure. These products are:

  • Condoms

Condoms help in protecting from infections and unwanted pregnancies. Skore has a variety of condoms available to cater to its customer base's different needs and requirements.

  • Lubes

Lubes are essential for sexual pleasure and better sexual experiences. Skore has a variety of lubes for its customers.

  • Pheromone Spray For Men

Skore has pheromone sprays for its male customers to help them have a better sexual experience with their partners.

  • Gel For Women

There are various gels available for the women customer base to make them have an ultimate sexual experience.

  • Protective Wear Range

Skore also provides a range of protective wear for its customer base, like face masks to help them stay protected.

  • Intimate Wipes

Intimate wipes help in keeping the hygiene requirements of the customers fulfilled.

  • Vibrating Rings

Skore also offers vibrating rings to spice up the sexual experiences of its customer base.

What Are Skore Discount Offers

Skore has a discount offer of up to 25% on selected advantage packs of condoms and more. For all the chosen combos and range of products, the discounts vary from 10-25%. One can select the products according to the need and add them to their cart to get up to 25% off on the checkout.

Like lubes, sprays and combo deals, the product range is available with a 15-20% discount. With time these discounts may vary. The Big saving advantage pack from the brand provides you a discount of up to 25% on the purchase. These offers make the deal more attractive and cost-friendly. You can use Skore Offers 2022 to get the maximum discount offered price.

With FreeKaaMaal.Com, you can get additional cashbacks if you buy these products via its official site. You can activate the deal, use the coupon code, earn cashbacks and lower the order price.

What Are Lucrative Skore Deals

Skore is a brand that caters to your sexual wellness needs and keeps you protected and satisfied. The deals active from time to time by the brand get you the products at the best price to increase your satisfaction levels. The brand offers a massive discount on combos and bulk purchases, and the discounts may reach up to 25% and vary between 10-25%.

You can make these deals to help your shopping by decreasing your bills by staying updated about the same via FreeKaaMaal.Com. Visit the page regularly to get the best-offered deals and make your shopping experience happy and more satisfied.

How To Avail Skore Offers?

Skore has a range of helpful sexual pleasure-inducing health and wellness products. You can buy them at great discounts with Skore Discount Coupons. You can buy their products quickly through their official site or via FreeKaamaal.Com. For additional discounts and updated offers, you can follow the steps to avail of Skore Offers:

  • You need to visit 

  • Search for the FreeKaaMaal Skore store Page

  • Open the Skore store Page

  • Choose the products you wish to buy

  • Select Skore active offer

  • Click on any chosen or suitableSkore discount code

  • Get the deal activated or code copied

  • Remember to read the instructions and then go for ‘login and earn cashback’ to avail cashbacks from FreeKaaMaal

  • Choose, select and add the desired products to the cart.

  • Note for the minimum order purchase requirement for any unique code or deal

  • Check out with the coupon code

  • Complete the payment

You can securely avail of the offer and get your desired product with additional cashback.

For Extra Cashback Visit FreeKaaMaal.Com

Skore has a range of products for your health and pleasure. You can get these products at the best price with additional cashbacks from With Skore Coupon Code

You can get the best deals on the best quality Skore product range. 

FreeKaaMaal.Com has the best offers to make your online shopping experience more lucrative and rewarding. Via FreeKaaMaal, you can make yourself aware of the best offers prevailing on all the products and combos from Skore so that you can make the best use of them and get all the products at a special discount. 

Freekaamaal offers cashbacks that make your order price equivalent to free. Remember to visit the website for all your purchases from the store.

Skore Delivery Service And Delivery Charges

The minimum order purchase amount for Skore products is Rs. 499. You need to purchase a product of at least Rs.499 to make yourself eligible for delivery. 

The shipping for all the orders is nil, and you just need to fulfill the minimum order amount criteria.

The shipping and delivery time varies with the location. The brand has divided the time frame into three-time frames.

  • The delivery time for the products is stated as within three business days from the day of billing if the address is in south India.

  • The order will take 3-5 days from billing for the northern and western sides of the country.

  • All the orders for eastern side addresses, the shipping days are 5-7 business days from the day of billing.

In general, you can expect your orders to be shipped within 5-7 business days all over the country. Don't forget to use Skore Discount Promo Codes to make your orders more affordable.

Skore Wellness Products Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policies by the brand are straightforward to understand. They have the policies into two criteria:

Cancellation By The Brand

Generally, the company does not cancel the orders and cause inconvenience to the customers. But in unfortunate circumstances for various reasons like limited stock availability, high demand and less supply, incorrect billing, mistakes in invoices, transactions failure, banking glitches, the brand can cancel the order solely.

If the order gets canceled after the successful payment, the company guarantees to credit the deducted amount within 2-3 business days back to the payment source.

Cancellation By The Customer

The orders get shipped within 24 hours, generally. So the cancellation is valid within 24 hours only after placing the order. For cancellation, you can call customer care or send an email with the bill or invoice number, order id, as well as the complete description of the order placed by you. The company will cancel the order and refund the deducted amount if the order has not been processed or shipped.

Skore Payments Methods and Options

Skore provides you with a wide range of products. So surely end up buying a lot. With Skore Promo Codes, you can also save a lot. The minimum order amount in Skore to buy online is Rs.499.

You can avail yourself of great deals and discounts on Skore products with coupons as well via You can visit the site and get additional cashbacks very easily and quickly. The payment options you can choose for the purchase of Skore products are:

  • Debit or Credit card

  • UPI

  • Paytm Account

  • Internet Banking

Cash on delivery service is not available by the brand. So you have to pay online.

Skore Customer Care

Skore has a straightforward and effortless customer care facility. You can directly email them at - [email protected] to get your queries solved and redress the grievances if any.

The timings for the same are - Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

On Saturdays, the timings are from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

You can also reach them at their postal address:

TTK Healthcare Limited

No 6, Cathedral Road,

Chennai – 600086

You can also visit their official website, fill out a detailed query form, and submit the same for a quick solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is skore Indian brand?

Ans: Skore is a brand launched under the TTK Group, based in Chennai. It was established in 2012.

Q 2: Are skore condoms?

Ans:  Yes, Skore is a brand that deals with condoms as well as other sexual wellness and sexual pleasure products like lubes, sprays, etc.

Q 3: Who is the founder of skore?

Ans: Skore is a brand under TTK Group. The founder being- T.T. Krishnamachari. The current executive chairman of TTK Prestige is T.T.Jagannathan.



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