To put it simply, Sattvik food is that which benefits the body and nourishes the soul. Tasty bhi, healthy bhi? No more impossible. Age old wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga meets International cuisines here at Sattviko. Sattvik food is light, nutritious, easy to digest and always freshly prepared. The foods chosen for this diet bring clarity and balance both internally in the body as well as externally in the universe. A wholesome meal that doesn’t leave you feeling drowsy for hours later. Vegetables and fruits bursting with flavour, complementing each other in exotic preparations, all this and more is what you can expect as you walk into Sattviko. Whether it is a quick post-workout bite or a weekend dinner treat (and thankfully one that doesn’t break the bank), Sattviko promises to be a vibrant space you’ll want to return to. The first Quick Service Restaurant chain serving Sattvik food in the country, each dish prepared here is as fresh as the concept itself. The globetrotting Indian traveller is experimental in trying new cuisines and always looking for something new. Yet, the familiarity of certain flavours and dishes continue to constitute his ‘comfort food’. Sattviko offers the perfect balance of new and familiar tastes with the additional promise of dishing out food that is packed with nutrition. Sounds too good to be true? We deliver what we promise. Walk into Sattviko today and try it for yourself, we bet you’ll keep coming back for more!
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