Procter & Gamble has created this online platform for your daily essentials it includes insightful ideas for improving your home, health, family, beauty and skin care. P&G is a 179 years old American consumer goods company that have helped people across the globe to have an extraordinary day every day. They believe in making your day joyous by giving you those extra savings on products that will make any other day extraordinary. Rewardme coupons are something you must look out for as they provide you with further discounts on all your favourite products. The rewardme team are committed to inspire, support and empower their customers to unlock their extraordinary potential in the day-to-day lives.  

From our grandparents to our children, everyone has a trust on the products of P&G. rewardme includes products from top international brands that is used worldwide The P&G has a strong and dedicated team who has passionately succeeded to serve the people of 80 countries across the globe. You may get rewardme offers of free samples of their new products and items delivered to your house.

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About Rewardme

Rewardme is an online market for the infamous company of Procter & Gamble. It is based in Ohio, USA and was founded in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble. They specialise in a wide range of house goods like cleaning agents, personal care and hygiene products. Isn’t it amazing when you get some added stuff along with the products you paid for? At Rewardme they believe in giving away free samples to the consumers. You can avail a lot of useful products for free only with rewardme offers on FreeKaaMaal.

Free Sample at Rewardme India

Rewardme is all about the free samples you get to avail. You get some of the best-branded products from P&G for free and some of the best offers online. They have come up with this attraction taking into consideration a lot of factors in a broader sense. Rewardme India has shared some of the amazing free samples being offered. Sometimes they are promotional campaigns and sometimes an occasional giveaway by them. offers many free samples from time to time. That does not mean that one can apply for free Ariel or free Pantene samples any time over the year. For example, right now you can claim your rewardme sample of Head & Shoulders and Olay valid only for female nationals of India. Also, get rewardme coupon codes that will help you avail further discounts on your favourite products like shampoo, detergents, etc.

How to Track my Order?

Rewardme delivers the free sample or products to your doorsteps in quite a small duration. However, if you don't receive it you can follow few simple steps to fetch them. They deliver samples mostly by Aramex courier or First flight courier. Just mail them directly with the free sample related query at [email protected] by clearly mentioning your free sample order ID. Or you can follow these steps in case of Aramex:

  1. Click here to go to Aramex tracking website.

  2. Select Reference as Shipper Reference.

  3. The Select country as India.

  4. Select the date range as the succeeding month.

  5. In the box beside the Select Reference just enter your order ID which was given by

  6. Now click on Track and get know your product shipment.

Rewardme Tips and Tricks

Apart from selling products and giving away free samples, rewardme also offers you with many beauty tips and tricks. They have blogs and articles about everything which is really helpful for improving your household and health. They provide you with information about every product, suggest you beauty and healthcare precautions and remedies. They also have a large section dedicated to consumer reviews. This is an important part of knowing the customers are an integral part of succeeding in a business in order to provide better products. Rewardme does the same and helps you avail products made just for the customers as per the customer requirements. Learn about all the rewardme deals to avail jaw-dropping discounts.

Rewardme Contests

This website keeps holding contests for their consumers in order to engage them in fun activities and win fun stuff. They get to avail a lot of gifts and rewards in return. Some of the fun contests include Share the Love with Ariel Contest,Celebrate Holi With Ariel Contest, Incredible Indian - Contest, Winter Secrets - Contest,Christmas Tree - Contest, Dandruff Nahi Chalega - Contest, Rewarding Life - Contest, Gillette-The best you can get, Anushka's Hairfall Battle, Like A Girl Contest,Debunk The Myths With Venus Contest, What's your Freedom Quotient?, Bond of Love Contest, Friendship Day Contest, Parents Day Contest, Fun in the Rain Contest, My Role Model Contest, Kareena's Sun Kissed Hair Contest, Mother of the Year Contest, Anushka for Pantene Contest, Smooth As Deepika Contest, Read Between The Lines Contest, Ariel - Share The Load survey, Powerful Smile Contest, Share The Load Contest, Predict the Champions Contest,etc.

How do I Avail my Free Sample?

Just follow these simple steps to avail your free sample from

  1. Go to FreeKaaMaal to choose your favourite rewardme deal with the rewardme promo codes.

  2. It will redirect you to the rewardme site.

  3. Add the free sample of the products that you want to try.

  4. Login or create a new account.

  5. After successfully placing your order you will be getting an order ID, note this number for future communication with the rewardme representative.

Get all the exciting rewardme discounts at an unbelievable rate that will help you with availing all the best products from reputed brands across the globe.


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