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Poker Saint Coupons And Offers

Poker Saint Offers
Poker Saint Discount Coupons

Free-Roll Tournaments

Play for free and win 50K every day

Monsoon Mania 

Win prizes worth Rs. 1.4 Crores in just 14 days

Poker Saint  Bonus Offers Monsoon Mania

The Monsoon Mania is a mixed 2 weeks VIP Program for All Stakes. All you need to do is just collect the VIP Points in the advertisement period.

Play on any stakes to expand the VIP Points and Top the leaderboard with most essential points and win astonishing prizes within 10 & 23 August 2020 and improve your possibilities to win big by working on the Cash Tables.

VIP Points Slab
No. Of Prizes Available


Tata Harrier




Volkswagen Vento




Volkswagen Polo




KTM 390 Adventure




KTM 250 Duke




Pulsar 150




iPad Air (10.5-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB)




Galaxy M11-4GB, 64GB




JBL Tune 750BTNC, Wireless Headphone




Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i



About Poker Saint

With an 'Instant Cashout' point for the first time in India, 'PokerSaint' - one of India's managing online gaming platforms disrupted the gaming industry of India. This online gaming website was launched by Pacific Gaming which was approved by Economic Times as the "most encouraging online gaming brand in India" for 2018. 

This online casino game is all about fair play and the best online gaming user experience. What sets aside Pokersaint from the opponents is their team's continuous endeavour to give players the latest online gaming experience and with guaranteed real money rewards. The online game is deservedly placed among the best gaming websites in India. At this gaming website, you can get poker saint offers for today through which you can get discounts and offers which will let you win more. 

VIP Club

VIP points are "units" awarded to members who wager money and play on Poker Saint. The number of VIP points obtained is immediately comparable to the amount wagered by a player including program administration prices.

Benefits of VIP program

  • Get free entry into independent tournaments

  • Use points to acquire Tournament tickets and rebuys

  • Buying Gadgets & poker trips

  • Change VIP Points to bonus cash

Calculation Of VIP Points

VIP points can get calculated by dividing the rake produced by the group with Rs. 15/-. Example, for Rs. 100 produced by the organisation, the VIP points created for a player would be 100/15 = 6.66.

What is the use of VIP points?

VIP points are distributed as an inspiration to the clients. It gives a consistent user more liquidity on the program to play longer. VIP points can also get purchased for several exciting prizes during promotional ventures that will be published on the official gaming website.

What happens to my VIP points after a game?

VIP points will, however, be shown in your wallet until you redeem them. You may want to purchase your VIP points into real cash after a game. However, you can obtain your VIP points into real money anytime you want. The recovered cash will get transferred into your account within 60 seconds!

How to change VIP points into actual money?

VIP points can get transformed into real cash by cutting the number of points by 2. It suggests, 1 VIP point is equivalent to Rs. 0.5. e.g., 1,000 VIP points can get settled into Rs. 500.

What is the star rating on the profile? 

Yes! The star rating is provided to the player's profile to illustrate the closing VIP points situation on the account. The more the VIP points are, the greater will be the number of stars posted. VIP point status is bifurcated into 7 stages. Please take a look at the following table to understand how it is awarded.

VIP Status Name
No. Of Holding Points
No. Of Stars


0 - 2,500



2,501 - 5,000



5,001 - 10,000



10,001 - 20,000



20,001 - 50,000



50,001 - 90,000



90,000 & above


Why Choose This Online Gaming Website?

You are picking out the reason why you should play poker games online. Then here we have mentioned the reason why you should choose poker saint offers to play the online casinos and win real money along with many other reasons. 

1. Safe & Secure

This casino gaming website takes every step to guarantee the security and honesty of its online gaming activity. All activities between all software and servers orders pass through the various layers of encryption. Members can be secured; all their data is protected with them.

2. Fair Play

At the gaming website, they take Fair Play very seriously. They have expanded a security grade Quantum Random Number Generator that assures complete randomness in the cards dealt.

3. Prizes

Poker Saint has been adjudged as the most encouraging online gaming brand by "The Economic Times" in 2018. This website also won "India's Inspirational Brand" in online Gaming from WCRC International.

4. Immediate Cash Out

Your money is safe with the most trusted gaming website. You can wish to withdraw your money from them at any time during the year. They offer cashouts within 60 seconds, true to their promise to "Cashout within a heartbeat".

5. Customer Support

The online gaming website has a dedicated customer support organisation who is ready to serve you for prolonged hours in every reasonable way. Their team is expert in 7 languages -English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and Nepali.

6. Players

With over 2000 active users every day, get equipped for the most distinct gameplay in poker across the country! Encounter the best action on multiple stakes every time you log in.

Download The App and Be Part of India's Most Secured Poker Platform

If you have any doubt whether you can download the Poker Saint app or not or if it is available in India or not. Then let us tell you that it is totally available in India for you to download on your smartphone for free. 

You can download the app from:

  • Desktop Download: You can download for Windows and MAC Desktops

  • Play Now: You can play without downloading any File

  • Android Download: You can download for your Android Phones and Tabs

  • iOS Download: You can download for iPhones and iPADS

Payment Modes At Poker Saint

Playing casinos in India is now easy and reliable so if you think about where you can pay your money from. Then stop worrying as we have mentioned the payment mode through which you can pay and get your money in your account with some easy steps. So here are some of the payment mode which is accepted in India for you to play games online:

  • RuPay

  • Visa

  • GPay

  • Paytm

Legality Of Online Poker Website

The formation of the games appeared on this gaming website, which is their intelligent business, is duly approved by legislation and judicial announcements controlling in India. In order to assure that the practice in which they are trying games on their website is legal. 

They at their part made sure that they are not breaking any laws of the Indian constitution, by some of the esteemed law firms in India, for the security and support of the players. Knowledge is never enough.

Poker - A Game Of Skill

Game of skill is described as playing a game where victory has little or no role to play, and the champion is solely defined by the understanding and expertise of the professional.

The Primary law ruling gaming in India is the Public Gambling Act, 1867. Section 12 of the Public Gambling Act, 1867, provisions that matches of little activity are banned from the determination of the Act. 

The Supreme Court of India and several other High Courts in India have opined that a game of little profession is a game "in which, although the portion of chance certainly cannot be excluded entirely, progress depends mainly upon the excellent education, training, observation, knowledge and skill of the player. 

A game of skill is one in which each component of expertise dominates over the element of chance." No punishment can be forced upon a person for performing such games of skill.

Responsible Gaming At Poker Saint

Pacific Gaming Private Limited (The Company) is committed to equipping its members with a reliable gaming atmosphere. Not only is it their purpose to present their members with the most exciting gaming experience, but they also must support careful usage of and the minor way to their gaming products.

As a responsible, organised gaming company, they comply with all guidelines recommended by International controls that are transparently controlled to give player security.

The subsequent methods have been achieved:

Protection Of Minors:

In line with international and national procedures set forth by Gaming commissions, the organisation does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to play tournaments. It is a crime for minors to play on this website or its associated programs.

Their website or platforms are not intended to bring minors. They actively control and track persons under the age of 18 who endeavour to play at the sites. They use advanced confirmation systems which can recognise minors who log in to the software.

Precluding Enthusiastic Gaming

The organisation understands that while most of its users play for relaxation, a small number of characters can become preoccupied with the possible financial gains their games offer. Even though studies recommend that only a tiny portion of the adult community confronts necessary gaming difficulties, they take this material very severely. They have hence executed some steps to approach this difficulty:

  • The company's staff are encouraged to understand behavioural guides of users that may recommend compulsiveness to play the games. They will directly communicate the user and start a conversation with the investigator.

  • They have completed an obvious way to use or "self-exclusion" records for those who may need the support. Upon your request, they will delete your membership and will stop you from accessing the platform.

  • The gaming website team can support you in establishing a maximum deposit limit. Once this limit is reached, you will not be permitted to deposit more and therefore will not be able to play any games.

Set Limits

As part of their policy, they give you the devices to measure the amount of money you use to pay on the sites. You can set your own deposit deadlines and demand to accommodate them at any time. Simply call their support team on 080 6191 4949 or email them on in case you find trouble in establishing these limits.

Note that the deadlines you set on this platform will be performed only on this site or platforms linked to this site and will not be performed on other games produced by the company.

How To Learn Poker Fast and Free?

Conditions have improved, and so has the entertainment of games. Real casinos have gone into the implicit space. When it gets to play card  games in India, 'poker websites in India' is the buzzword among the members. Unlike previously, strangers who want to contribute to the business today are presented to different training devices. To perform things even great, they can now study for free without spending any time.

If you want to determine poker fast and free, posted below are unusual of the simplest ways to accomplish the same:

  1. Watch Videos

  2. Read

  3. Participate in Forums

  4. Listen to Podcasts

  5. Play Poker

How To Play Poker?

  • Go to Poker Saint app or web

  • Create your account with valid ID and Password;

  • Select the game you want to play

  • Start playing the game and win real cash on your gameplay

How To Withdraw Money From Poker Saint?

  • Go to Poker Saint App or web

  • Log In to your account

  • Go to your account

  • Click on 'Available Withdrawal'

  • Then complete the procedure

  • Your withdrawal will be back to you in some time!

So, this was all about the Poker Sain, which will let you enjoy playing the games online on their web and app. So, if you are bored, then download the app now and win real money and play games online whenever you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the Best Poker Game to play online?

A1. If you want to play poker games online, then you can download the Poker Saint app, which is free to download and later you can play amazing online games with many offers and discounts. 

Q2. Is playing Poker games online safe?

A2. Yes!! Playing poker games online is completely safe, secure and trustworthy as they are legal to play in India. Also, the game lets you win some real cash on each of your gameplay. 

Q3. Can I create more than one ID on Poker Saint?

A3. You cannot create more than one ID at Poker Saint. So, pay with one official ID and win real money.

Q4. Can I withdraw my Money from Poker Saint?

A4. Yes! You can withdraw your money from Poker Saint. There are a few simple steps through which you can withdraw your money and get the real money in your account. 

Q5. What are the payment modes at Poker Saint?

A5. The payment mode at the gaming website is Paytm, GPay, Visa, RuPay. With these payment modes, you can pay your money and play amazing games online. 


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