Airtel Call Waiting Activate Code

Do you want to activate your airtel call waiting service? If yes, then read this article to know about the airtel call waiting activate code. With the  code, I will provide a step by step guide in this article to explain the process of applying the  activation code and getting the services activated.

Airtel is one of the most trusted India. The telecom network offers the service of call waiting as well. By activating these services, you’ll get to know about the calls that will come to you while you are busy on other calls. 

We have also written articles for the activation code of Vi, Jio, and BSNL. If you use any of these 3 networks, then you can read the respective articles.

Airtel Call Waiting Activate Code

Airtel Call Waiting Code: Step by Step Guide

The Airtel call waiting activation code is *43#. You can use this USSD code to activate or deactivate call waiting services in your airtel number.

How To Activate Call Waiting in Airtel

You can activate call waiting on your Airtel SIM by dialing *43#. After dialing the call you will receive a notification that call waiting service has been enabled on your number. The activation number is the same for Android and iOS users. 

Check out the below mentioned steps for more clarification.

  • Open the dialer app on your phone.

  • Dial *43#

  • Press the call button

  • Call waiting service will be activated automatically.

Other Ways To Activate the Call Waiting in Airtel

Along with the above mentioned, there are two more ways through which you can activate your airtel call waiting. To know about the ways, check the below mentioned points.

  • Airtel Call Waiting Activation Through Phone Settings

  • Airtel Call Waiting Activation Through Customer care

If you want to activate airtel call waiting in your device through your phone settings then,  you first have to go to the settings application in your device, and find the call settings option there. Click on that. Now you’ll get two options there of enabling and disabling the call waiting services. Click on the enabling one. And your airtel call will be activated.

I have  also given the  steps for your ease. Have a look.

  • Go to your phone settings 

  • Now select the call settings option

  • Click on call waiting and enable the feature

  • And, your call waiting services are activated.

You can activate the airtel call waiting by calling at the airtel customer care number as well. To activate the services through customer care, you just need to call on the Airtel customer care number. An executive from customer care will pick your call. You have to tell him that you want the airtel call waiting activation in your number, and your task is done. They will activate your services within 24 hours of your request. Below, I have provided an Airtel customer care number. Check it out.

Airtel customer care number: 121


I hope by now all your queries have been solved regarding the airtel call waiting activate code. The call waiting services are surely very important, especially these days, when everything that we do related to work happens on calls. So to avoid missing on your important calls, it's always better to have your call waiting services activated.

In this article, along with the airtel call waiting code, you can find 2 more ways through which you can enable the call waiting services in Airtel. I have provided each possible information about the topic. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comment section. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends and family who have Airtel as their telecom operator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I activate Airtel waiting call?

A. You can activate the airtel call waiting through the  call activation code, phone setting, and through customer care. To know the process of activation, read this article.

Q . How do I activate my second call?

A. To get to know about the second or other calls coming on your phone while you are busy talking on one, you need to activate the call waiting service. 

Q. What is the code for call waiting?

A. Every telecom operator has a different code for their call waiting activation. Read this article to know about the airtel call activation code.

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