How to Watch Fancode Free without Subscription?

When it comes to Live Cricket streaming, FanCode is one of the leading platforms. The platform has come up with a unique pass-based subscription to help users stream HD content across devices. 

But if you are wondering how to watch FanCode without paying anything, I have some good news for you as I will share the process of "How to watch Fancode free without Subscription".

You can get FanCode subscription pass for 1 match or the entire tournament. There is also an unlimited live stream pass available on a monthly or yearly basis. 

Try the simple tricks to watch live cricket streaming for free on the FanCode app or website.

Meanwhile, you can also check our FanCode coupons and offers for some great discounts.

How to Watch Fancode Free without Subscription?

FanCode is first platform to provide match based pass. So if you want to watch only a particular match or tournament, then you can opt for the match/tournament pass and get access. With the pass based users don't have to worry about paying for monthly or yearly subscription when they want to watch only for a few days. 

At the same time, if you want to watch every match on the platform, then you can opt for unlimited stream pass which is available in monthly and yearly plans. 

If you are a die-hard cricket fan and enjoy watching live matches across the globe, then FanCode Subscription is completely worth it. You can also get a free subscription to the live cricket streaming platform with various offers and coupons. 

How to Watch FanCode Free Without Subscription?

There are basically two methods or ways to watch FanCode for free - through Flipkart Supercoins and if you are a Dream11 user. Check it out-

1. Through Flipkart Supercoin

  • Your first step is to Download the Flipkart application.

  • Log-in to your Flipkart account now.

  • After that, redirect your Flipkart application on the Fan Code reward page.

  • Claim now by using Flipkart Supercoins 75.

  • You have now successfully generated coupon code. 

  • Copy that and Get 1 Month Free Subscription Fan Code

  • Redeem that coupon code to get Subscription or active fan code pass. 

To use FanCode Coupon Code, follow these steps:

  • Log-in to your FanCode app and go to the Account section. 

  • Select Your Passes option.

  • Tap on “Get a FanCode Unlimited Pass”.

  • Select Monthly Pass option.

  • You will see the Coupons & Offer Codes section. Enter the offer code there.

  • Tap on Activate and then click on Continue to do the transactions of Rs.1.

  • You get a FanCode FanCode monthly unlimited live stream pass now. 

2. For Dream11 Users 

You can see live matches for free if you are a Dream11 user. Let me share the steps to follow:

  • Download the Dream11 application and log-in after that. 

  • Select Rewards Tab section.

  • You will see the FanCode Watch Live Stream section. 

  • Select fan code plans and then, use Dream11 coins for coupon collection.

  • You need to collect coupon codes to redeem and access the benefits.

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How to Redeem FanCode coupon Code?

Once you go to the subscription page on FanCode, you can spot the dialog box to enter the coupon code. Enter the code to save on the subscription cost.

  • Go to the Subscription page.

  • Scroll down to coupon dialogue box

  • Enter the coupon code

  • Redeem the code

  • Get a discount on subscription cost 

FanCode Subscription Cost

Launched in 2019, FanCode Offers an interactive live sports streaming experience, fan merchandise, in-depth analytics, statistics and more. In short, it has everything for the fans who eat, breathe and live cricket. 

To watch live cricket on the platform, you can choose from different subscription plans. 

You can opt to buy FanCode Match or Tour Pass. There is also an unlimited Live stream plan which gives you access to all live matches on the platform. 

The unlimited Live stream pass is available on a monthly and yearly basis. The monthly pass costs Rs. 199. And the yearly live stream pass is available at Rs. 699. 

FanCode app is available for Android and iOS. You can also access live cricket and content on the official website of FanCode. 

FanCode Subscription Cost in India 

Subscription Plan


Monthly Unlimited Pass

Rs. 199

Yearly Unlimited Pass

Rs. 699

Terms and Conditions of FanCode

You were curious to know the methods of How to watch Fancode free without Subscription. But you should also be crystal clear of their Terms and Conditions. Let’s dig in-

  • The offer is only valid across India.

  • Only Android users can use this offer.

  • The amount of Rs.1 transaction is required. 

  • It is only for single-time use, and it cannot be clubbed with any other offer.

How to Get a Fancode Free Pass for Dream11 App? 

A Fancode Free Pass is now available for those who use the Dream11 app on their mobile phones. Do you know how to buy it? If not, read the steps given below-

  • Your first step is to open the Dream11 application.

  • Select a Contest.

  • Click on the “Live Stream” tab at the top-left corner of your screen.

  • Log in to your Fancode account with your credentials. Buy the Live Fancode Free Pass for any match or the entire tour.

  • Do the payment with the right details. The process is completed!!


More than 3+ crore users are using the FanCode application to watch videos of sports content creators, journalists, and vloggers. It is India's first live-streaming platform that is excellent for sports and sports fans. So, in this article, I have mentioned the best methods of how to watch Fancode Free without Subscription. In addition to this, the article has also covered all the terms and conditions of the Fancode platform. More questions? Do not hesitate to ask in our comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is FanCode free to watch?

A1. There are Subscription plans, but you can watch it for free without subscriptions through Flipkart Supercoins and for Dream11 users. 

Q2. Is FanCode free or paid?

A2. The monthly plan will cost you Rs 199 and yearly plan will cost you Rs 699.

Q3. How do I use FanCode pass?

A3. You can buy a pass on the official website of FanCode. First log-in and then choose any match that you want to watch LIVE. 

Q4. Is FanCode an Indian app?

A4. It is best and India’s first live streaming platform for all sports fans. 

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