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Flat 18% Off On Medicines or OTC Product { Mandatory To Use }

Here is an exclusive Offer for you to get Flat 18% On Medicines or OTC Product { Mandatory To Use }

Get Up to 80% Discount on OTC Orders

Medibuddy has come back with a wide range of OTC Products On Up to 80% Discount.

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Medibuddy Discount Coupons  and Promo Codes

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Coupon Codes

Sitewide Offer


Flat 10% Off On Doctor Consultations

 Medibuddy Discount Coupon


Flat Rs 500 OFF On 1 Year Gold Subscription 

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Flat Rs 400 OFF On Gold

Medi Buddy Promo Code


Flat 60% Off on Dermatologist Consultation

Medi Buddy Discount Code


Flat 60% Off On Gynecologist (First Consultation)

MediBuddy Offers 2023

This is an e-commerce platform that connects patients with doctors and hospitals.  Nowadays, it is one of the most trusted digital platforms for cashless healthcare in India. All of the doctors on this platform are well-qualified and will assist you with every health problem. In other words, you can say it is a one-stop solution of all health management that gives members access to inpatient, outpatient, wellness, fitness, and preventive care services.  

So if you are looking for better and accessible healthcare solutions, this is the best choice for you and your family. Medibuddy online portal is the complete health management system for you and your family. 

Services Offered By Medibuddy

This brand is the one-stop solution for all your healthcare needs and problems. It brings you access to a wide range of medical services for the comfort of your home. These are the services offered by this brand. 

  1. Online Medicine Ordering

  2. Health checkup packages

  3. Virtual doctor consultation 

  4. Online lab tests 

  5. Fitness services 

  6. Dental services 

  7. Multiple payment options

If you are ordering the medicines from it, then you can make the payment in cash on delivery at your doorstep. On other platforms, you need to pay in advance. Also, the brands bring different offers on medicine under Medibuddy Coupon codes for medicines.   

Medibuddy Coupon Codes and Promotional Deals 

This platform always makes sure that its customers get the products they need at the best affordable prices, and Freekaamaal also works on that to make it happen. This brand sorted all the best deals coming from the top of Medibuddy. 

Medibuddy is one of the award-winning platforms that brings together the best healthcare by creating networks of partners of all stakeholders in the ecosystem. They make sure that the health is delivered to you either at the best of your home or have access to locate it quickly. One of the main reasons why this brand is gaining popularity these days is because it provides a simple solution for health-related problems and with Medibuddy discount coupons. 

These are certain and other reasons too that are responsible for its popularity, let them out. 

  • Network Hospital Search- it is one of the GPS based apps that helps to find a network hospital in the tour area and also view all other important details. Essential details like room types, facilities, doctor availability, and more. 

  • Online Appointment Management- lets you conveniently schedule health care services as per your needs and availability. You can take the appointment online for the day you are free or comfortable without any hassle and worries. 

  • Insurance Benefits-  It provides complete health insurance benefits for in-patient hospitalization, corporate wellness benefits, and a range of other outpatient services. 

  • Enrollment of Beneficiaries-  the brand helps you to manage the multiple policies and support various concurrent enrolment windows with ease. You also have access to multiple beneficiaries with varying eligibility criteria and more. 

  • Raising and Tracking Claims-  This healthcare application also gives you the option to extend pre-authorization requests, submit reimbursement claims online, and you can also track them. 

Hence this platform brings the best and gives you easy options so that you can make health care solutions easily available to you with the best Medibuddy discount offers.

MediBuddy Refer and Earn 

This platform brings the refer and earn program to make a special bonus by inviting your friend to try out Medibuddy. Check here out. 

  • Invite your friends to try Medibuddy and two of your special bonuses.

  • The amount of Rs.200 will be credited to your Medbuddy wallet on the usage of your referral code.

  • Your friend will get a 10% discount on their first health checkup. 

  • There is no limit on the amount of credit you can earn your wallet.

  • Download the app and get Rs.100 on every referral. 

Medibuddy Promo Codes 

This healthcare app always tries to understand everybody’s budget, and it is one of the main reasons it tops in 2023. The brands always bring the promo codes and offer their customer whether it refers and earns or for new users. 

They bring exclusive promo codes to their users on the app. If you are looking for any health care online services, then medibuddy is here with exciting offers with extra discounts. Medbuddy brings special codes for new users as the Medibuddy promo code for new users.

Medibuddy Lab Tests by Trusted Partners 

The brand brings only the medical centers that you trust and rely on complexity. The brand added them to its network and accessed the deep catalog of investigative tests from generic to one’s specific ailment. 

All the lab tests can be made cashless based on the domiciliary cover available to you and the terms and conditions. For the chosen lab test, you have the convenient option of having blood samples collected from your home. 

Medibuddy Customer Care 

This brand’s customer care is always ready to help you out regarding your issues with the app and services. You can contact their customer care number. 

Phone Number - 08022069499 

Medibuddy Offering Services in Selected Cities 

This online healthcare service is available in selected cities and has been mentioned here; check them out. 

  • Mumbai

  • Bengaluru

  • Chennai

  • Kolkata

  • Hyderabad

  • Ahmedabad

  • Pune

  • Delhi

  • Noida

  • Shimla 

  • Udaipur

  • Nagpur

  • Faridabad

  • Gurugram

And the list goes on. So wherever you are, you will get complete healthcare services, including medicine delivery.

Medibuddy Gold Plan 

Medibuddy gold plan was one of the best plans overall. The plan is available for 12 months, six months, three months, one month, and a year. It is one of the top plans to get the complete solution for all your health-related problems. Check out some significant benefits of this plan. 

  • This gold plan will bring unlimited free consultations from top hospitals and top doctors 24x7. In which they have 1000 verified doctors with 12 languages. And 24x7 video consultations.

  • The consultation is free for all health problems with more than 18 different departments at any time. 

  • This gold plan for a year will be free for a full family or up to 6 family members.

  • This plan offers 24x7 video consultation with all verified doctors related to cough and cold, General Physician, skin problems, sexual problems, women issues, and many more. 

How to Order Medicine online 

Check here how you can order medicine online with and without a prescription and apply the medibuddy coupon code for medicine. 

  • Upload your prescription to place the order for the medicine you want in the JPG or PDF form with a 15MB size limit. 

  • If you do not have the prescription, then take the appointment online to order medicines through valid prescriptions. 

  • After uploading the prescription, fill the under information, delivery address, and confirm your order. 

  • They will reach you out with their [pharmacy partner to deliver medicines at your doorstep. 

Medibuddy Cancellation and refund policy

If you have booked a service with this brand and cannot avail of it due to some uncertainty, you are eligible to cancel it. All you need to do is go to the ‘Your Order' section and cancel the booking. Coming to the refund on canceling your order, you will be given a full refund. The refund will be initiated as soon as you cancel your order and will take a few days to reflect in your bank account.

Medibuddy Review

 Itis one of the best online platform for all healthcare issues and problems with cashless hospitalization  at hospitals that fall within your insurer's network and also entitles you the discounts and reduced packages tariff at the network hospitals 

This platform brings significant discounts, offers, and coupon codes for their customers.  It also provides online medicine delivery in more than 40 cities with the option of cash on delivery. These little things with the best quality service to make this is one of the best platforms for complete healthcare issues, including insurances and your medibuddy claim status. 

Questions You May Have 

Q1. How do I download Medi Assist ecard?

Ans:  You need to login to the Medi Assist and the policy number or your claim ID, then fill the other mandatory fields and click “View” to verify and confirm your details. Now you can download the E-card. 

Q2. What all does MediBuddy help me with?

Ans:  It helps you to manage hospitalization with great ease. You can choose your preferred network hospital with full visibility into specialties, room types, rates, packages with discounted traffic, and many more. It also allows for cashless hospitalization and helps to minimize hospital spend. 

Q3. Does MediBuddy cover dental?

Ans:  Yes, this platform covers all dental services that can be made cashless based on your domiciliary cover as per the term and conditions. 

Q4. What is MediBuddy gold?

Ans:  Medibuddy Gold provides the “gift of health” for you and your family. With this assurance of top-notch medical consultations without having to step out of your home. This plan covers up to 6 family members. 


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