Best Cast Iron Cookware in India - Price & Features

Looking for the most healthy and safe option available in the market to cook your food? Then you are at the perfect place as this article describes the 7 best cast iron manufacturers in India.  

Cast Iron Cookware is made up of cast iron and is widely considered to be hefty duty cookware known for its durability and can be easily used at high temperatures. 

If it is properly seasoned, it will give you non-sticky cooking, making it so easy to clean that utensil.

When we think of food or cooking food, we want to nurture ourselves, and our loved ones with the food that is safely cooked, as eating healthy is the key to a happy mind and a healthy life. Also while buying the Utensils, we keep in mind one more thing and that is durability.

So in this article, we have simplified each and every technical detail so that it is convenient for you to go through the selection process conveniently. Following is the list of best cast iron cookware in India. 

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 Best Cast Iron Cookware Brands in India


Best Cast Iron Cookware in India




Indus Valley Cast Iron Kadai


The Indus Valley


Zishta Cast Iron Kadai 




Rock Tawa Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet


Rock Tawa


Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Natural Cookware




Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan




Alda Enamelled Cast Iron square casserole




Ferus Premium Cast Iron Kadai




Following is the list of the best brands for cast iron cookware in India from which you can choose the best one according to your priorities and budget.    


1. Indus Valley Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Kadai

Indus Valley is widely famous for its natural cookware and is a very reliable and healthy cookware brand trusted by many consumers. They aim to keep your kitchen safe and healthy. Indus Valley is known for making quality products.


  • Very long-lasting product if you take good care of it.

  • It is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and is ready to use.

  • Saves gas by retaining heat for a long time; hence the food cooks faster.

  • This Kadai is easy to clean

  • It has an ISO 9001 Certification.

  • A certain amount of iron is released naturally into your food.

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2. Zishta Cast Iron Kadai

Zishta is one of the leading brands providing heirloom-quality cast-iron cookware and Home furnishing and Decor, Kitchen, Table&Dining and other unique varieties for your Home. Zishta is deeply into Traditional practice and provides its customers with authentic items as their products are handcrafted by traditional artisans.

Zishta is one of the premium and best Indian cookware brands in India.

With compliance with EU standards for the restriction of hazardous substances(ROHS), Zista is presenting its authentic cast iron Kadai.


  • Zishta pre-seasoned cast iron Kadai is made from the traditional sand moulds extracted from the local river sand.

  • Food is much tastier and healthier.

  • Good quality and thickness, and the iron density are higher.

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3. Rock Tawa Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Rock Tawa is one of the most trusted brands in India as it offers an authentic variety and a higher standard of products. Over the years, the Rock Tawa has marked its legacy and built its trust in the hearts of the customers by providing pure products which eventually lead to a healthy and happy lifestyle.


  • This Iron Skillet is free from any kind of chemicals and lead.

  • It is a natural Non-stick product.

  • It is a very long-lasting product.

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty and a lid.

  • Prevents the food from burning.

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4. Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Natural Cookware

Over the years, Indus Valley has marked its legacy and has proved itself to be one of the most reliable brands in the market. It is known as one of the best cast iron cookware in India.




  • Naturally releasing iron into your food makes your food healthier.

  • The taste of the food becomes better.

  • You can cook vegetables, Gravy, Fish, Eggs and Pasta.

  • They can last longer with proper seasoning and care.

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5. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan 

Meyer is a leading brand where they give credit to their journey for the creation of  unique and insightful designs. Consumer satisfaction is their first and foremost goal. It is known as one of the Cast Iron cookware manufacturers in India. Meyer gives assurance to their customers of providing an experience of authentic cooking.



  • No chemical is used in the outside as well as inside coating.

  • This product is pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil.

  • It is made with a god quality cast material which heats quickly and retains the heat longer.

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6. Alda Enamelled Cast Iron square casserole

Alda is a leading brand that aims at making your cooking convenient and hassle-free through its innovative and advanced technological products. Alda is a very reliable brand for cookware which includes cast iron cookware.


  • It comes with superior heat retention, which gives perfect and even cooking results.

  • It has three in one quality, which means you can cook, bake and serve in one single cookware.

  • It comes with a heat-insulated stainless steel lid knob.

  • This cookware is suitable for all types of cuisines and different types of cooking.

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7. Ferus Premium Cast Iron Kadai

Ferus is also cast iron cookware aimed at consumer satisfaction and creating designs keeping in mind the priorities of the consumers and offering one of the best cast iron Kadai available in India.

You will have to season it before you start using it.


  • It has a metallic finish

  • It is compatible with the gas stovetop

  • Has an attractive appearance.

  • It is oven and dishwasher safe.

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Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

  • If you want to keep your food warm for a long period of time, then the use of Cast iron cookware is mandatory.

  • Cooking in cast iron cookware makes your food healthier than cooking in other vessels.

  • If you want to sear meat, then cast iron is a good option.

  • Cast Iron cookware is free from any chemicals.

  • While cooking the food, cast iron cookware releases iron naturally into your food. Hence, it increases the amount of iron in your body which is very good for women.

  • If you want your food to look beautiful, then you can use cast iron cookware; for instance, the cast iron skillet is used for the display of various types of bread and pies.

  • Cast Iron skillets can be used while cooking your food on a stovetop, oven, over a grill or on an open fire.

  • If we talk about non-stick cookware, cast iron products are much more affordable.


Disadvantages of Cast-Iron Cookware

  • Cast Iron vessels are not suitable for boiling water or cooking acidic food.

  • These vessels need to be seasoned again to avoid rust.

  • Handle of the vessels can get very hot and difficult to handle. Hence, it is advised to handle them with care.

  • It takes a little longer to heat up.


Which is the best Cast Iron cookware in India?

Zishta Cast Iron Kadai is the best Cast Iron cookware manufacturer in India. Zishta aims to keep the rich old tradition alive by serving all products authentic as they work with the same cluster of rural artisans.

Zishta has always provided its customers with reliable products which give you the best cooking experience.Zishta offers a range of handmade pure cast iron cookware which directly comes from an authentic source. They also aim at reviving traditions from their point of origin. It is the best brand for cast iron cookware in India.


How to find the best Cast iron manufacturers in India?

You can find cast iron manufacturers in local stores or online easily. If we talk about online, when you will type “Cast Iron Cookware online India” or “best Cast iron manufacturers in India”, you will find a whole list of the best Cast iron cookware products and their company’s names on google.

Buy cast iron tawa, kadhai(Wok), deep fryers etc. from brands which are reliable and provide longevity and good and healthy cooking. If you already know who the top cast iron manufacturers in India are, buying good cast-iron cookware becomes much more convenient. 

I personally think that buying from the market is a much better and easier option as the seller will show all the features to you in detail. Following are the things to consider when buying cast-iron cookware:

Also, it is very important that you look for the following factors before buying good cast iron cookware:

  1. Be crystal clear about which cast iron utensil you want
  2. Search becomes easy when you know about the brands and from which brand you want to buy.

  3. Price is a major factor when looking for a good cast iron product.

  4. Check whether the company is offering you a good enough warranty period or not.

  5. Always purchase a product which can be used for a long time as when you are spending your money on a product after so much research, then it feels more right to spend your money on a product which lasts for a good period of time.

  6. Buy cookware that looks attractive in your kitchen, and when the guests arrive, you can directly serve from the cookware.

  7. In the case of cast iron cookware, it is better to go for a pre-seasoned product than the ones which are not yet seasoned. Read the description of the product and choose wisely.

  8. Checking your family size and considering the size for moving your hands while cooking is mandatory.

  9. Before buying a product, it is mandatory that you look for reviews from the customers. Reviews give you a genuine overall outlook of the brand and the product.


Ways to clean cast iron cookware

It is very important to take good care of cast iron cookware, and if you want your cast iron cookware to last long, then you need to be much more careful with them than normal cookware. 

Cast Iron cookware is different from normal utensils so it needs a different method of cleaning. If you do not take good care of your cast iron cookware properly and wash the seasoned utensils roughly, it might damage the seasoning layer and then it will rust soon if the seasoning layer gets affected.

If required, season the cast-iron cookware again with the oil for durability.

  • Wash your utensils with soft scrub and warm water.

  • You can try cleaning them with coarse salt and tissue paper.

  •  To maintain the seasoning, you can use dishwashing soap.

  • If you want to maintain the seasoning layer, then you need to wash the utensils very softly.


Additional information on cast iron cookware 

Cast iron Cookware is heavy-duty cookware that is widely popular for its durability and heat retention properties. Pre-seasoned cast iron cookware is much better than normal cast-iron cookware as that cookware which are already seasoned protects bare cast iron from rust. You can use cast-iron cookware at very high temperatures. Cast Iron cookware includes various items:

  • Frying pans

  • Kadai 

  • Waffle irons

  • Flattop grills 

  • Panini presses

  • Tetsubin

  • Dutch-ovens

  • Griddles

Cast Iron has a quality to withstand high temperatures, and that is why it is highly recommendable, especially for searing and frying.

Although cast iron was invented way back, which means centuries ago, cast iron has become the first and foremost choice amongst people as it is a much healthier choice.


People Do Ask

Q. Is cast iron cookware good for health?

Yes, cast iron cookware is much better cookware for cooking food as while you will cook food, it releases natural iron into your food.

Q. What are the benefits of cast iron cookware?

  • The taste of the food is much better when cooked in cast iron.

  • Food cooked in cast iron is much healthier than the food that is cooked in normal utensils.

  • Cast iron utensils look much more appealing, and you can cook and serve both in the same cookware.

Q. Is cast iron the best?

Cast iron is safer than many other utensils as it has the ability to hold the heat longer than the other utensils. Cast Iron is used for better searing and browning.







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