25 Top Brands for Kids Clothing in India

Confused about which clothing brands to trust for your little one? Here are top brands that are easily available both online as well as offline.

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Buying clothes for kids is always not an easy thing, you have to take so many things into consideration from fabric to comfort and safety. That is where the top kids clothing brands reduce stress.

With the well-known brands comes the trust factor that is so much important when it is about the care of your little ones. When it comes to brands the price can also be a concern. You would be pleased to know that kids clothing brands cater to customers of all budgets. Also, if you want to know more about the Pregnancy Pillow For Sleeping In India then click on the provided link. 

Here are the top brands that you should consider when buying kids clothing. If you're looking for these top clothing brands, check the 10 best online shopping sites for kids.

List of Best Kids Clothing Brands India

1. Gini & Jony

The brand is synonymous with kids fashion. Gini & Jony is popular for its bright and colourful kids apparel and accessories.

The leading kids clothing brand has over 200 exclusive brand outlets.

The kid's clothing brand is promoted by the Lakhani Bothers. The brand is available at over 200 exclusive brand outlets, and multi-brand stores.


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2. Lilliput

The premium kidswear brand launched in 2003. Lilliput is also a popular kid’s clothing brand in the middle east, gulf and Africa.

Lilliput offers stylish and affordable clothes for children of all ages.

The kids clothing brand is headquartered in New Delhi. 


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3. Cucumber

The kid's garment brand "Cucumber" is part of HP cotton Casual Pvt Ltd. The brand was first launched in 2001. From bright colours to attractive prints and designs the kidswear brand hs it all.

Cucumber has earned the title of India's largest selling kids wear garment chain.

Cucumber has also mad its presence felt in the Middle East, Sri Lanka, and Singapore.


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4. Nino Bambino

Nino Bambino is an organic clothing manufacturer for kids.

They have a complete range of organic clothes for your baby from body suits to tees, pants, dresses and skirts.

Nino Bambino range of kids clothing is also available on leading e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Firstcry, and Myntra.


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5. Max

Parents are more conscious about what their little ones wear.

Parents buy clothes after much consideration. Max Fashion is a brand under the banner of Landmark Group. Launched in 2004, Max has a presence across 19 countries.

Max has e-commerce and omnichannel presence to make shopping simple. Recently, the leading fashion brand launched a new Marvel Avengers collection for kids.


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6. GAP

The clothing and accessories brand was founded in 1969. It has also made its presence felt in the kids clothing segment.

You can buy kids clothing of the brand online as well as a store near you.

Gap range of kids apparel offer adorable outfits with a versatile range. 


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7. Mothercare

Mothercare is a British retailer specializing in products for expectant mothers and kids up to 8 years.

Mothercare range of kids clothing is easily available in leading online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Firstcry, and Ajio.

The kids wear brand also has a strong offline presence.


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8. Little Kangaroos

The leading clothing brand for kids in India, Little Kangaroos has a different collection to take care of every dressing need of your little one.

Marshmallow range is for newborns to 9 months. It has soft pastels, lush fabrics, and thoughtful designs for your newborns.

Play & Play Baby range is for kids up to 10 years of age. It is affordably priced for casual use of your little one.


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9. Babyhug

Babyhug offers a wide range of products for your newborns, babies, and kids. Its clothing range of babies and newborns is very popular.

The brand has everything from unparallel quality to affordability. From everyday essentials for your little one to elegant kids wear.

The Babyhug range of kids products are available exclusively on Firstcry.com


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10. Carter’s

Carter's is a brand that has been around for generations. With Carter's range of clothing, it is easy to dress your baby.

The major children's apparel brand was founded in 1865. Carter's sells its products through leading online retailers.

Carter's is also popular for its range of baby necessities and essentials. 


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11. H&M Kids

It has a great variety of clothes for kids and young ones.

Parents can select the best clothes for their little ones at the most affordable and reasonable prices.

You can also find some great designs, colours and the most comfortable kidswear in this brand that are durable and long-lasting.


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12. Nautinati

It is another very popular kidswear brand that is known for its premium quality kidswear.

You can find some great options for you kids here with a vast variety of designs and colours.

You can find them on various websites and e-commerce platforms.


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13. Allen Solly Junior

It is a very popular and trusted clothing brand that is known for its great collections of clothes for teens and adults.

The Allen Solly Junior brand caters to kidswear and is a sought-after brand for kids clothing.

You can find the best products that are very comfortable and of great quality.


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14. YK Kids 

YK Kids is an emerging kidswear brand that caters to the needs and requirements in the kids clothing category.

You can find many varieties of designs and the quality of the clothes is very high.

You can purchase your favourite products at very reasonable prices.


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15. UCB Kids

United Colors of Benetton give its customers a wide selection for daily wear.

The Kids Category of UCB is also immensely popular as its parent brand for providing top-quality kidswear products.

You can purchase their products at any major retail outlet or e-commerce platform


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16. 612 League Kids

612 League is another popular brand for kids clothing.

It is known for its high-quality clothes which come in a vast array of designs providing great selections in kidswear.

You can purchase their products online at very affordable prices. 

You can also find their products at major retail outlets in India.


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17. Kidscraft

Kidscraft is a popular kids clothing brand that has carved a niche for itself in the kidswear category.

They are known for their high-quality products that are available at very affordable prices.

You can find their products online at many e-commerce sites.


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18. Kids on Board

It is another very popular kidswear brand that caters to the needs and requirements of the kids clothing category.

You can find them online at all major e-commerce clothing stores.

They are also known to provide top-quality products at very affordable prices.


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19. Levis Kids

Levis is a world-renowned clothing brand that has stores and outlets in all major countries in the world.

Their kidswear section provides a plethora of options for parents looking for the best clothes for their children.

They provide top-quality clothing which is durable and long-lasting.


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20. Luke and Lilly

It is another popular kidswear brand that provides good quality clothes for kids and young teens.

You can find a vast collection of kids clothing with them, at very reasonable prices.

If you are looking to purchase their products, just visit any major online store.


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21. Knitroot India

Knitroot India is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of stylish baby clothes brands and all other items for baby use.

You can find very reasonably priced kids clothing brands and their products on their website. 

The website offers a large selection of kids clothing and babywear. 

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22. Berrytree

This is a great destination for those looking for cute baby clothing brands and other baby and kids products. 

The website has a vast collection of kids clothes and babywear. Berrytree provides you with the best kids clothing which is organic and eco-friendly as well.

Because of all its benefits, Berrytree is counted as one of the best brands for kids clothing.

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23. Shein

Shein is also a very popular baby clothing brand in India. You can find all kinds of products on its range and also other baby products as well.

Shein is one of the top kids clothing brand because of the quality of clothes and diversity of products that it has.

The prices of the items and products from Shein is quite reasonable and affordable.

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24. Mini Klub

Mini Klub is a new entry into the field of kids clothing and infant wear. It is a very stylish kids clothing brand that provides comfortable and high-quality products for kids. 

This is one of the top brands for kids clothing in India because of the top-class and dependable babywear it has produced over the years. 

Mini Klub is a fast emerging baby clothes brand and provides its products at very affordable and reasonable prices.

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25. Club Factory for Kids

Club factory is already a very popular clothing brand and with its entry into kids products, things are going to get exciting. 

There are a number of products on baby clothing that this brand offers.

It has products with great quality and great offers and discounts that make each purchase an enjoyable experience. 

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So there are some of the top brands for kids, babies, and newborn clothing in India. All of these brands are readily available online as well as at offline stores. The immense variety will take care of your budget. Based on your experience, you can add to the list by commenting below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I find the best kids clothing?

A. You can find the best kidswear online on e-commerce sites or at major e-commerce sites.

Q. Which is the best clothing brand for kids?

A. There are many kids wear brands in India that are very popular. You can find them in the list above.

Q. Which are the top brands in kids and adult clothing?

A. In both segments, you can find Levis, Allen Solly and many other brands that provide great collections. You can check them out above.

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