10 Best Baby Lotion in India - Choose The Best For Your Baby

Babies are the lifeline of their parents. Their skincare regime is not just a routine but a particular task for them. Here we will discuss what is best for your baby’s skin and which is the best baby lotion in India.

Today the parents are well aware of the skin care needs of their babies and take extra caution in keeping their baby away from toxic baby products. The baby’s skin is extra soft and highly sensitive. So using harsh chemicals on them is a big NO.

So to know what is best for the baby's skin, we need to explore which baby lotion is best for the baby.

You can also know which soap is best for baby skin from here.

As we all know, babies have fragile skin, and their care is of utmost importance because if not taken care of in childhood, the skin may have permanent damage even after growing up. We need to know which baby lotion is best for the skin of the baby.

Best Baby Lotion in India

What Is Baby Lotion?

Baby lotion is a specially produced moisturising, a soothing liquid that helps soften the babies' skin. It is not just any lotion but a chemical-free moisturiser for susceptible skin. It is specially created for babies’ skin.

To know which cream is best for baby dry skin, hold on and read on.

Best Baby Lotion For Babies In India

Some of the best baby lotions in India are:




Himalaya baby body lotion (400ml)



Johnson’s baby lotion (500ml)



Baby Dove baby lotion(400 ml)



Lotus Herbal baby+ - tender touch (200ml)



Dabur Baby Lotion (500ml)



Goodness.Me Baby Lotion (400ml)



Sebamed Baby Lotion(400 ml)



Mee Mee Soft Baby Lotion(500 ml)



The Moms co. Natural baby lotion (400ml)



Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturising Lotion(354 ml) 



Let us look at different options of baby lotions available in India, and what to choose and what not.

1. Himalaya baby body lotion



Himalaya is a brand in India that holds a good name in the Indian pharmaceutical industry but also enjoys a good customer base in herbal, ayurvedic, nutrition, personal, and child care products.

Himalaya baby body lotion is made from natural herbal ingredients to protect the baby's skin from harsh chemicals. It is soft on the skin and gentle for the baby. 

What works for it?

  • It is a herbal product with natural ingredients. 

  • It is mild on the skin

  • Fast absorbing

  • Soft on skin

  • Rich with olive and almond oils

  • No mineral oil

  • No parabens

  • No synthetic colours

Buy or not to buy?

It is highly recommendable based on the quality of its natural ingredients. It can be considered the best baby lotion for summer in India. 

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2. Johnson’s baby lotion 



It is a product from johnson and johnson, an American MNC with a foothold of more than 130 years worldwide. Johnson’s baby lotion hydrates the baby's skin and helps retain the natural moisture of the baby’s skin. It is mild on the skin and contains coconut oil extracts which make it hypoallergenic in nature.

It can be a good option as the best baby body lotion for winter in India.

What works for it?

  • Paraben-free

  • No phthalates 

  • No dyes

  • Contains Coconut oil- highly anti-allergic, antifungal

  • Balanced PH

  • Hypoallergenic in nature, making it highly anti-allergic

  • Holds a good name in the baby products industry- enjoys goodwill

 Buy or not to buy?

Known for a long time now, Johnson baby lotion, is a high-selling product in its category. It has a vast customer base, so it undoubtedly comes under the buying list. But one thing to keep in mind, it is not a herbal or natural product.


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3. Baby Dove Baby Lotion



Dove is a well-known brand in India in the personal care segment under Unilever, headquartered in the United Kingdom. It enjoys a great customer base in India with soaps, deodorants, and other toiletries to offer. 

Dove baby has a baby care range for infants. Baby dove baby lotion has natural skin nutrients with prebiotic moisture that retains the natural moisture of the baby’s skin for 24 hours. It is highly safe on the skin of newborns with a gentle touch and mild chemicals.

 What works for it?

  • Hypoallergenic fragrance for skin

  • Ph neutral product

  • No dyes

  • No sulphates

  • No parabens

  • No phthalates

  • Skin nourishing

  • Prebiotic moisturising quality

Buy or not to buy?

As dove has already established itself as a brand name in the adult customer base, its child care products also have many buyers. Its prebiotic moisturising quality makes it a good choice for healthy baby skin.


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4. Lotus Herbal Baby+ - Tender Touch 


One of its kind, Lotus Herbals has offered ayurvedic products to its Indian consumer for more than 25 years now. Being an Indian company, it has been catering to its user base of all herbal, non-toxic, ayurvedic products for years. Lotus herbal baby+ tender touch lotion with its non-greasy smooth moisturising base protects the baby against dry skin and keeps its skin hydrated for longer durations. 

Being all herbal, its chemical-free formula, makes it an ideal choice of lotion for babies.

 What works for it?

  • No preservative

  • No alcohol

  • No sulphate

  • No mineral oil

  • No synthetic colours

  • All herbal- toxic free

Buy or not to buy?

Having shea butter and calendula extracts makes it ideal for the baby’s skin to moisturise by making it soft and gentle. Being ayurvedic, it makes it one of the perfect choices for herbal baby care products.

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5. Dabur baby lotion


Dabur, a more than 135 years old brand name, has gained immense popularity in its Indian customer base. Keeping its roots in ayurvedic medical practices, Dabur manufactures ayurvedic natural products suitable for health and are chemical-free. 

Made with natural extracts like aloe vera, licorice, winter cherry, almonds, etc., Dabur baby lotion, makes sure that the baby's skin remains moisturised and irritation-free for the whole day. It soothes the baby with its natural care ingredients.

 What works for it?

  • Hypoallergenic ingredients

  • Ayurvedic herbs

  • Balanced ph

  • No artificial colours

  • Paraben-free

  • Phthalate-free

  • Dubur - a brand name for ayurvedic products in India

Buy or not to buy?

Being an all-ayurvedic product, parents who are cautious about chemicals in baby products choose Dabur instantly. Having natural herbs makes it one of the ideal choices for baby lotion. 

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6. Goodness.Me Baby Lotion


Goodness.me offers organically manufactured and certified organic baby products to the extra cautious parents for the healthy skin of their babies. It is one of the brands that keep certified organic products.

It offers a 2-in-1 lotion that can be used on a baby’s face as well as body. The lotion has organic ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter that help keep the baby's skin deeply moisturised and rash-free.

 What works for it?

  • No toxins

  • No parabens

  • No petroleum

  • No mineral oil

  • No synthetic fragrance

  • No silicons

  • No phthalates

  • All organic - no artificial

Buy or not to buy?

Being an all organic baby product, it holds a market in its segment. All its baby products are certified organic, which works for it.

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7.Sebamed baby lotion


Sebamed, a company for personal care products from Germany, has also gained a good customer base in India. For more than 60 years, an extended period, and in more than 70 countries, a far reach, Sebamed has acquired its large customer base by providing good quality products.

Sebamed baby lotion has Allantoin, and Chamomile Recutita extracts that helps in soothing the skin of the baby and keeping it soft and supple for the whole day.

 What works for it?

  • Non-greasy

  • Mild natural fragrance

  • Balanced pH

Buy or not to buy?

Sebamed has been increasing in popularity in India for quite some time now. Serving more than 70 countries for 60 years gives it the credit of a broad reach and diversified user base.

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8. Mee Mee Soft Baby Lotion


Manufactured under the brand - Me n Moms, Mee Mee Soft Baby Lotion has been in the baby care products for more than 13 years. 

Mee Mee Soft Baby lotion contains chamomile extracts for anti-oxidising the baby's skin and keeping it moisturised.

 What works for it?

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Clinically tested

Buy or not to buy

Having a brand name of Me n moms, which is a name in the mother and child care product industry, Mee Mee Soft baby lotion 

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9.The Moms Co. Natural baby lotion 



The Moms Co. came into inception in 2012, and they have never looked back. With a wide variety of baby products to offer in the market, the co has created a niche in the baby care products segment in a brief period.

The Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion contains shea butter and cocoa butter for moisturising the babies' skin. The jojoba oil extracts help in maintaining the pH balance of the skin. It nourishes the baby’s skin with its natural extracts.

What works for it?

  • Natural extracts

  • No paraben

  • No mineral oil

  • Organic oils like- apricot, avocado, rice bran, jojoba 

  • No sulphate

  • No synthetic fragrance

Buy or not to buy

Having richness of so many essential oils and butter, it becomes one of a kind lotion for the babies. The goodness of such essential organic ingredients also answers which lotion is best for a baby in winter?

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10. Aveeno baby daily moisturising lotion


More than 75 years old, Aveeno is a brand name under the parent company- johnson and johnson. Having the confidence of johnson n johnson, Aveeno, promises to provide niche products in its baby care segment.

Aveeno baby daily moisturising lotion contains colloidal oatmeals and dimethicone, which soothes the skin and keeps it non-dry for a long time. It is non-irritating on the baby's skin.

What works for it?

  • Non-greasy

  • No drying alcohol

  • Hypoallergenic

  • No artificial fragrance

  • Paraben-free

  • Steroid free

Buy or not to buy

Aveeno has active natural oats extracts for strong moisturising effects on the skin of the babies. It stands as an ideal choice for soothing, cleansing, retaining pH balance, moisturising, and protecting the babies' skin. Being an old brand name, it is one of the good choices to make.

It scores as one of the best baby body lotions for winter in India.

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N01 Baby Lotion In India in 2021- Which Baby Lotion Is Best?

Today numerous brands offer baby lotion in India. Which one to choose is a significant question that comes to our minds. As parents, we want only the best for our babies, so we inquire a lot about the ingredients of the lotions we put on our babies. So let's find out what all should be or should not be there in the baby lotions.

Baby lotions should:

  • Be Paraben-Free

  • Be Non-Greasy

  • Have Hydrating Formula

  • Be Toxic Chemical-Free

  • Have No Artificial Fragrance

  • Have No Sulphate

  • Be Clinically Tested

  • Have Hypoallergenic Properties

Some Tips On How To Use The Baby Lotion On Your Babies:

  • Always apply cream or baby lotion on the clean skin of the baby, preferably after a bath.

  • Use only non-greasy baby lotions so that it doesn't clog the pores of the baby’s skin

  • Always apply lotion with clean hands

  • Massage the lotion gently on the skin of the baby as it is soft and tender

  • Always use the best baby lotion in India to make your baby's skin moisturised and prevent it from drying.

Why baby lotions?

Parents are very cautious about what to use and not to use on their babies’ skins. So, which lotion is best for their babies is a cause of concern for many. In India, we have a wide variety to choose from as we have many natural extracts containing baby lotions available for the parents. As can be seen after discussing the best baby lotion in India, we have found many to choose from.

Baby lotions help in soothing the skin of the babies and keeping it rash-free the whole day. Babies get rashes, and their skin gets irritated with repeated use of diapers and constant wet nappies. So they need lotions for their body to keep it irritation-free and inflammation-free.

That’s why we need lotions for the babies.

Having a lot to choose from, making a wise choice is all parents need to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which can be the best baby lotion in India?

Every lotion has different ingredients. So parents have an exhaustive list to choose from according to their preferences. They can choose from organic lotions to ayurvedic variants.

Can one use baby lotion on the face as well as the body?

Some baby lotions are 2-in-1, like Goodness.me offers both the uses. Others may not be suitable for both.

Which lotion is best for babies in winter?

Aveeno baby daily moisturising lotion and Johnson's baby lotion are some of the lotions which are suitable for winters.

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