21 Best Hair Straightening Creams in India

It is the hair that can make a difference when it comes to looking stylish. To look presentable, you need to work on the quality of your hair. Straight hair has always been a choice of most people since its inception. But the question is do you use the flat iron every single time when you want your hair to look neat and tamed. 

The answer to this question can be the Best Hair Straightening Creams in India. These straightening hair creams will help you to frizz them out and straighten the hair without making them fall flat. 

In order to know the name of brands that offer the best straightening cream that provide very effective results. We have also discussed in this article on How To Use Hair Straightening Cream which is just a few scrolls away.

In the meanwhile you can check out Best Hair-Smoothing Cream.


How To Use Hair Straightening Cream?

There are several ways of getting your hair straightened - be it through flat iron or chemical treatments. Since straight hair has always been in the trend from its inception.  Here are the hair straightening creams that will help you to get straight hair without putting too much effort while taking care of them.  Also get the straight hair temporarily with a sleek and smooth finish. 

Read through the steps to know how to use hair straightening cream by following the steps mentioned below.

1.Wash your hair before using the straightening cream. 

2. Remove all the water from the hair by scrunching your hair in a clean towel. 

3. Brush your hair to remove the knots and tangles of the hair.

 4. Take a small quantity of cream in your hand and spread it gently in your palm. 

5. Start your hair from a small amount of cream that you can build up later. 

6. Spread the cream gently from head to tip by moving your finger evenly on the hair. 

7. You can repeat the process again if needed.

8. Take the help of a shampoo brush that will help to spread the products evenly into your hair.

9. Divide your hair into 3 to 4 sections and secure them with hair pins.

10. Apply the cream in the lowest part of the section by placing a round brush under the bottom of the hair. 

11.  Strat blow drying and Continue it until your hair is completely dry.

12. Follow the same for the rest of the sections.

13 . Finally, enjoy your straight hair and look presentable.

14. Try this technique that works really well to get temporary straight hair. 


CAUTION: Avoid eye area. Avoid sunlight immediately. Do not use any soap for the next 5 hours.


A List Of Top 21 Best Hair Straightening Creams in India

Read through the top Hair Straightening Creams along with their price and Quantity.

Name of products



Oxyglow Herbal Professional Salon Hair Straightener with Neutralising Cream


200 gram

L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Hot And Smooth, Hot And Sleek Cream


100 ml

Streax Professional Canvo Line Hair Straightening Kit



Streax Pro Hair Straightening Cream, Intence



Keratin Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher


71.03 Grams

Bed Head Straighten Out 98% Humidity-Defying Straightening Cream



NutriGlow Hair SPA For Dry And Damaged Hair


500 gm

INDUS VALLEY Deep Nourishing Hair Spa with Keratin



KMS California Therma Shape Straightening Crme


150 Millilitres



100 g



Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream


3.5 Fluid Ounces

Bio Reach hair straightening cream



L’anza Healing Smooth Smoother Straightening Balm



Kamill Keratin Hair Straightening Kit



KMS California Therma Shape Straightening Creme


150 ml

Trichup Keratin Hair Cream


200 ml

Giovanni Straight Fast Straightening Elixir



Hairmac Professional Straightening Cream



BIO-REACH Hair Straightening Cream



Berina Hair Straightener Cream

₹ 274.55

60 ml

India’s #1 Customized Hair Care Regimen

Rs. 999



1. Oxyglow Herbal Professional Salon Hair Straightener with Neutralising Cream

This straightening cream is an advanced straightening treatment. It protects from harmful UV rays and heat. It has a richness of  oils, conditioners, and moisturizers that are essential to keep the hair healthy and maintain smooth hair.


  • It is a technologically sophisticated advance treatment

  • It is suitable for all types of hair -  curly, frizzy, and unruly hair.

  •  It provides soft, supple and straight hair.

  • It protects against harmful UV rays, heat and blow drying.


  • It may have different results for different people.


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2. L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Hot And Smooth, Hot And Sleek Cream

This product is enriched with silk micro fibers.  It helps to keep your hair straight for almost 48 hours. With its thermo protect feature, it gives you silky, smooth and shiny hair.  


  • Protects hair from UV rays and heat

  • Provide long-lasting effect

  • Keep hair shiny and smooth 

  • Also provide natural straightening look


  • You may feel greasy hair for the next few days even after washing it


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3. Streax Professional Canvo Line Hair Straightening Kit

This Hair Straightening Kit has the presence of organic silicone solvents that are known to strengthen the hair. This is a water-resistant formula that conditions hair and makes the hair feel smooth and silky. 


  • Enriched with organic silicone solvents

  • It Water-resistant property

  • There is no scent

  • Useful for men and women both


  • It may differ in its effectiveness 


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4. Streax Pro Hair Straightening Cream

This Streax Pro Hair Straightening Cream is known for providing silkier, smoother, and straighter hair. It is enriched with silicone solvents that makes your hair feel much more manageable and smoother. The cream also has the water-resistant properties that keeps the hair look straight for a longer time.



  • It detangles and provide shine to the hair

  • Has long-lasting effect

  • Makes the hair manageable and smoother


  • Takes some time while taking off the products from the hair


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5. Keratin Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher

This hair straightening hair cream opens the cuticle and infuses keratin proteins and emollients into the hair. The result of this is the straightening of hair with shine and smoothness. It goes deeply into the skin and revitalizes the hair while ironing or blowing the hair dryer.


  • It penetrates deeply into the skin that repairs and revitalizes hair 

  • Provide silkier, smoother and healthy hair

  • Opens the cuticle and infuses keratin proteins and emollients into the hair


  •  Not yet found


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6. Bed Head Straightening Cream

Bed Head cream claims to remove humidity from the hair.  The texture of the cream is in such a way that smoothens the hair cuticle that in turn improves the manageability of stubborn hair.



  • Known for providing long-lasting straightening hair

  • Removes frizziness from the hair 

  • Keeps it smoother and shinier

  • Adds essential nutrients to the hair


  • Some may find it sticky sticky 

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7. NutriGlow Hair SPA For Dry And Damaged Hair

NutriGlow Hair SPA boasts of giving repair treatment to the frizzy hair. It is very useful as far as removing the frizziness of the hai is concerned. It also provides smoothness and shining hair as it has no sulfate and parabens used. 

. With its Revitalization and Deep Nourishing Effects, and the Presence of Natural Ingredients, it helps in attaining Soft and Bouncy Hair


  • Gives Healthy and Seamless Hair Growth Experience

  • It has revitalization and Deep Nourishing Effects

  • Suitable for both women and men

  • Protects hair from getting damaged


  • May last for shorter period of time


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8. INDUS VALLEY Deep Nourishing Hair Spa with Keratin

It has the restore your damaged hair with Indus Valley Hair Ultima Spa. It is packed with 12 organic herbs and nourishing oils that provide smooth and shiny hair. The cream-based hair spa nourishes the hair from the roots and the scalp deeply and strengthens the hair follicles. In addition, neem, lavender, and methi infused in this formula help in restoring damaged hair and stimulates blood circulation. This Ultima Spa is effective against flaky scalp, split ends, itchiness, and tangled hair.



  • Smooth texture

  • Easy-to-use jar

  • Lightweight

  • Non-greasy

  • Free from harsh chemicals


  • None


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9. KMS California Therma Shape Straightening Creme

Use this hair straightening cream on dry, curly hair to reduce hair breakage and heat damage. It has a complementary sleek steel pin tail comb for convenient styling. 


  • Prepared with high-quality ingredients

  • Retains for 72 hours

  • Keeps the hair smooth and silky


  • Found to be bit Expensive


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10. Trichup Keratin Hair Cream

Trichup Hair Cream acts as a protective shield around the hair. It keeps the hair healthy, elastic, and youthful. This content of protein is used to  reduce frizz. It also adds shine and volume to the hair. With this keratin formula, your hair looks soft, lustrous, and glossy. In addition, the cream is well-known for retaining moisture, reducing split ends, and making your hair manageable.


  • Make the hair look soft, lustrous, and glossy

  • Chemical-free

  • Dermatologist-tested

  • Suitable for men and women

  • Used for all hair types


  • Some people find their hair and scalp oily


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In this article, we have provided you the detail of top 10 Best Hair Straightening Creams in India. All the suggested brands are based on the reviews of customers and quality of products. You can check out the list of the products and give your feedback in the comment box mentioned below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which hair straightener cream is best in India?

A. There are several brands that sell straightening cream in the market. But it is all about the authenticity of the brands. Check out the list and choose the right one. 

Q. Which is best cream for hair straightening?

  1. Check out the top 21 best hair straightening cream in India that keeps your hair straight for longer time.

Q. Is hair straightener cream good for hair?

A. The best hair straightening cream are known not only for providing straight hair but also it protects hair from UV rays and Heat.



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