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Get Free Amazon & Flipkart Vouchers with Fi Points.

Fi money has its Points & You can redeem it on Amazon, Flipkart & BigBasket, etc Vouchers.


Free Zero Balance Account for Lifetime.

Fi money is a Zero Balance account for a Lifetime, Which means, You don't need to pay any charges for it.

Free Lifetime Debit Card with Great Offers.

Fi card provides the Free Debit card on Account opening so Don't need to pay any single charges for it.

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Fi Money Offers


Free Zero Balance Account

No fees Zero Balance Account

Fi Debit Card Offers

Get Visa Platinum Debit Card Vouchers

Fi.nite Points

Get Fi Referral Code Reward Points


Get Fi reward Points

What Is Fi Money?

Fi money is an essential financial and banking app for millennial working professionals who have everything but time. They are surrounded by multiple intelligent apps that make their lives easy and fast. Fi money is a smart banking option that they can adopt to have a smooth life with well-organized and well-managed finances.

The Fi Money Offers for today ensure beneficial rewards that make the savings as well as spending- well calculated and well planned. The app monitors you to spend wisely and save with each expenditure. It offers a zero balance savings account that gives 2.5% interest and comes with a Visa Platinum debit card.

You can also manage your financial goals by keeping money aside for the same in the form of Jars and spending in a planned way to manage the funds. You can also earn Fi-coins, which are the rewards for saving with Fimoney. You can also set Fit rules that allow you to save each passing day. 

Exclusive Fi Money Features

Fi money is a bundle of financial solutions to finance-related concerns and problems in the fast-moving world. The Fi money app is one solution to all such issues. It provides a zero balance, no-fee savings account and a Fi card with its benefits.

The  Current Offers On Fi Card are highly beneficial as it is a zero maintenance card with no issuance fees. It helps you withdraw money from anywhere. Also, Fi money allows Zero forex on the debit card.

You also have multiple card replacement options, with the first replacement being free.

The key highlights of Fi money are:

  • Fi Money assistant-

  • Fi Zero Balance Savings account- 2.5%

  • Fi Card- Visa Platinum Debit Card

  • Fit Rules

  • Fi smart Deposit

  • Fi Fixed Deposit

  • Fi-Coins

  • Fi Money transfers

  • Fi secure

  • Fi.nite codes

  • Fi Jars

The app is loaded with attractive features and provides ample benefits to its users.

It is powered by a Federal Bank, an RBI-approved bank. So what you have is a safe and secure banking app that allows your money to grow with you seamlessly.

Attractive Fi Money Benefits

There are numerous active deals and Fimoney Discount Offers that help you get extra with the Fi money transfer app. The app features let you enjoy seamless banking and make your money grow with interest options and savings. 

The benefits you get along with so many app features are:

  • Savings Interest at 2.5%

  • Money insurance upto Rs.5 lakh

  • Zero cost debit card with no issuance fees

  • Zero forex charges

  • Waived off charges for international transaction

  • No minimum balance and zero maintenance fees

  • No hidden costs and fees on transfers and more

  • Withdraw from any ATM through Visa powered platinum debit card

  • Free withdrawal from Federal bank ATMs

  • app for financial assistance

  • Seamless continuous customer care support.

Fi money is a helpful app for you to start saving and enjoy banking.

Fi Money Referral Code

Fi money has a referral program that makes you get a Fi money plant that lets you enjoy your reward points in the form of Fi-coins or can save the earned points in the smart deposit. You can choose any of these to get the reward in your desired form. You can redeem these points in the future.

The condition that needs to be web fulfilled is that you need to use Fi.nite codes under the Fi money Refer and earn program. The Fi.nite codes can be used to invite up to 100 friends and relatives. You and your friend both get rewarded with these referral points. The minimum condition is that the person who receives the code needs to deposit Rs.3000 within seven days of account opening to be eligible for the reward.

To claim the referral reward, you need to tap on the Fi money plant and choose the reward option in cash in smart deposit or Fi coins.

Fi Money Deals For Better Savings

Fi money is one of the latest apps that debuted in the financial banking sector. The app is new and offers lucrative features to make financial transactions easy and smooth. You get great benefits with the app, and the Fi Money code for Cashback makes your transaction ultra rewarding.

You can save from your spending and manage your expenditure systematically with Fi money, which further leads to money growth. The deals on Fi money will let you maximise your savings and minimise your unnecessary expenses, which will make your money management more crisp and clean.

You can choose the app over any other finance managing and money transfer apps to enjoy a smooth banking experience and rewarding financial management.

How To Download Fi Money App With Fi Money Promo Codes?

Fi money is easy to download. It is a money transfer and money growing app that helps you save wisely with a secure zero balance savings account and grow your money by making wiser choices.

To download the app with Fi Money promo codes, you can follow the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of Fi Money-

  • You will get a download option in the top right corner.

  • To download the app seamlessly, you can also visit the Google play store 

  • Search for the Fi Money app

  • Click on download

  • You will need to log in with your credential

  • You will get the option of providing a Fi referral code or any other promo code there

  • Provide the same

The app, after successful login, will become fully functional. You can open your zero balance saving account with its help and start growing your money.

How To Avail Fimoney Discount Coupons?

You can avail extra benefits with your Fi money app and the active offers it keeps on making live from time to time. The  Fimoney Discount helps you in getting benefits of money savings and transfer.

To avail of the latest offers on Fi money:

  • Go to the official website or

  • Go to the page of Fi Money

  • Go through all the Fi Money code for Cashback and other prevailing offers and discounts by the app.

  • Choose the offer to activate the deal

  • The page will lead you to the ‘login and earn cashback’ option to avail of the offer successfully.

  • You will be able to get the offered benefits.

The Fi money will let you earn easily redeemable reward points, and you can enjoy great benefits with it.

Freekaamaal.Com For Additional Cashbacks On Fi Zero Balance Savings Account

FreeKaaMaal is a platform that makes you earn more and enjoy additional cashback each time you shop or transact through the website or app. The Fimoney Coupon on the store page of Fi Money in gives you great deals, but they get extra rewards with the FreeKaaMaal cashback you earn and the discount benefits.

You can also stay regularly updated about the latest deals, offers, and discounts on The Fi Money app via the official site of FreeKaaMaal. By regularly visiting it, you will make yourself aware of all the deals and cashback that you can earn daily.

Fi Money Customer Care

Fi Money is a financial and banking app that offers numerous services. Indeed, its customer care has to be solid and responsive. Apart from its financial assistant that helps you manage your finances and answer your finance-related queries, the brand has a customer care department that lets you stay worry-free.

The contact number of the Fi customer care is - 080-47485490.

You can also reach out to them through email at their official email id-

Also, the chatbot is available for the app- In-app chat, which helps customers with their problems and provides them solutions.

Fi Money Review

Fi money is a fantastic app that aims to ease your finances and make them effortlessly smooth. With Fimoney Coupon Code, the benefits of the app get more rewarding.

If you are looking for a rewarding app that's active and looks for your benefits, then that is one of the money transfer apps that do it all for you. As per the reviews of the Fi money app by the users,  it is one app that keeps track of everything and lets you choose how to save with Fit rules. You can also earn Fi-coins that are redeemable in popular stores. These points are rewards that you get with savings with the app.

There are Fi.nite codes, too, that are the referral codes you can use with the reference from friends. You can invite many friends and relatives - up to 100 friends and earn referrals through them.

The main striking feature of the app- is its zero balance, no fees account that comes with a Fi card that lets you enjoy great benefits. It is an ATM debit card that is super useful.

With easy payment options, money transfers and saving opportunities, the app does everything for you to stay updated with your finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is Fi money RBI approved?

Ans: Fi Money is backed by the Federal Bank which is RBI approved. It is the financial app of the bank for the customers to ease their financial transaction experience.

Q 2: Is Fi Money trustworthy?

Ans: Fi Money is highly trustworthy. It is powered by one of the leading banks in India, which is RBI approved. It is as reliable as any other bank account and banking app.

Q 3: Is Fi a good account?

Ans: Yes, Fi money provides a good banking experience with a Zero balance savings account option that is beneficial and full of savings opportunities for the customers.


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