13 Best Brands For Leather Jackets - To Look Trendy And Stylish

Leather jackets are very popular in fashion and can be worn on many occasions. It plays a significant styling role when it comes to dressing casually. Leather jackets are an all-time favourite and can be worn in any season and weather.

Both men and women love to have one or two leather jackets in their wardrobe collection. We often search for the Best Brands For Leather Jackets around us to fill our wardrobe with our favourite coloured or best in style leather jacket.

Leather jackets keep you warm, protect you from dust and air, and give you an excellent casual look. A good quality thick leather jacket protects you from road accidents and any mishappenings. They serve as a cushion and padding when you misfortunately meet an accident.

So to achieve a perfect and well-protected look for your dinner dates and casual outings, leather jackets serve the purpose and give you a perfect and complete look..The leather jackets enhance your personality and make you shine.

So, it is unjustifiable not to have a well-suited leather jacket of your choice in your wardrobe. Let us list the top brands for leather jackets in India to help you choose one for your wardrobe.

Also, for men, to have a complete winter jacket look read, click here.

Best Brands For Leather Jackets


Leather Jackets: Own One To Be A Trendsetter

Leather jackets are a fashionable choice of clothes. We all have at least one leather jacket with us. They are not only a trendsetter but also serve many purposes. To list some of the advantages of owning a leather jacket, let us begin with how stylish they look. They serve the significant purpose of styling and complete the look.

Secondly, and most importantly, leather jackets provide complete warmth and good thick padding when we feel the weather is too good for a road trip but too cold, to begin with, a long journey. A leather jacket serves the purpose of covering you and wrapping you in warmth yet stylish comfort.

Thirdly, they act as a protector for you to save you from any mishaps on the road. Minor cuts, scratches, or any such bruises are a big no if you have one of the best rated motorcycle leather jackets wrapping and securing you. They also shield you from dust and pollution and give you a cover from mud and dirty air.

And above all, leather jackets are a perfect companion for you to stand apart from the crowd and be a trendsetter. You look attractive and a fashionista if you own a well-suited and latest trending leather jacket. Choose the one for you according to the colour, type, and occasion you require it for.

So, it becomes essential to list down the popular brands for leather jackets available to you so that you don't miss out on being the eye-catcher.

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Types Of Leather Jackets

Leather jackets adorn your personality and add an extra style statement to your overall look to make you presentable and trendy. They are the ultimate style statement to set you apart from others. But owning a leather jacket is different from owning the right one- that matches and suits your personality. So it's better to know what and which type of leather jacket you may choose to enhance your looks.

Various types of leather jackets may suit your personality. You can choose any one of them for your next trip and outing.

Types And Varieties

  • Biker Jacket

Leather jackets seem to be an irreplaceable choice for bikers. They are inseparable at times, and almost all the bikers own one. Biker leather jackets are thick in fabric texture and are windproof and waterproof. They are built to withstand shocks due to accidents and mishaps. They are highly durable and high o style meters. They are incredibly trendy and cool-looking. A leather jacket is a must if you love to ride, and so are biker jackets.

  • Aviator Jackets

Aviator jackets are traditional flight jackets made with a lining of other fabrics, mostly wool. They are warm and were traditionally worn by the US army. They are good-looking and are more insulated than other forms of leather jackets. They come in a straight-fit style and are used purely for winters. They are a great partner for frigid winters and are most popular.

  • Moto Jackets

Moto jackets are a trendier twist to the biker jackets. They are trendier and give a fashionable look. They are clinched on the waist and highlight the body contours. This jacket protects the person from any cold and wind and also gives a cleaner and smart look. They are ideal for an evening party where you want to look good and protect yourself from the cold. They are worn mainly by women but can be used by men too.

  • Leather Blazers

Leather blazers are a formal twist to funky casual leather jackets. These are good-looking and make the formal events high on fashion, and they indeed make the heads turn. They give warmth as well as the desired look that makes you ready to face any event and grace the occasion. They are less warm as comp[ared to other leather jackets but can be used in pre-winters and falls.

  • Racer Jacket

Racer jackets are like biker jackets but are more fashionable. They add to the person's overall look, so they are good-looking and are more detailed in terms of look and fashion. They are best suited for casual outings with friends, and they add to the cool factor of the wearer.

  • Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are high in style, and when they are leather bomber jackets, they are quick trendsetters. Bomber jackets are loose in the middle section, and the cuffs and the waste are elasticated or fabricated to form a clinched look. They have a zipper closure and mostly a fabricated cuff and waste. This high insulating factor and tapered openings make the jacket ideal for winters, preventing the wind from entering through any opening. These are stylish and useful.

Now, let us look at the top leather jacket brands in India.

Top 13 Leather Jacket Brands In India

Brands Of Leather Jacket



U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Biker Jacket

Rs.2,099.00 - Rs.3,599.


Pepe Jeans

Rs.2,111.00 - Rs.3,024.00








United Colors of Benetton Men Jacket



Teakwood Leathers



SARA Women Leather Jacket



Leather Retail






Blaq Ash 

2,499 - 2,799.








Forest Club 



1.U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Biker Jacket

The US Polo Association, founded in 1890, has gained immense popularity in India. This leather jacket is from a renowned brand that offers quality clothes for every occasion. This biker jacket is not genuine leather but is no less than that. It gives a complete leather finish look to the person who adorns it.

This leather jacket is one of the best-rated motorcycle leather jackets. It gives your fashion statement a thumbs up. 

Product Details:

  • Sizes available - S,ML,XL,XXL,XXXL

  • Colour- Khaki Brown

  • Available in different colours also.

  • Lightweight leather jacket-300gms

  • Dry Clean


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2.Pepe Jeans

Pepe is a known brand of clothing. Founded in 1973, Pepe Jeans offers a variety of clothes, and this leather jacket is one of them. It is available in all the different sizes, from Small to 3XL. It gives a casual look to you and is ideal for a casual dinner party with friends and family. This jacket from the brand also serves an after-office party as it has a simple lain pattern. Pair it with black sneakers to complete the look.

This jacket is among the top brands for leather jackets in the Indian market.

Product Details:

  • Size- S, M,L,XL, XXL, XXl

  • Colour- Olive dyed

  • Available in different colours also.

  • Machine wash

  • Lightweight- 250gms


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Justanned, founded in 2014, offers a variety of leather products, and this jacket from the brand is one for the style statement. It is full sleeves and has full zip closure. It is a durable jacket and is best for road trips. It gives a relaxed look and protects the person who wears it from wind, dust, and cold.

Justanned deals in leather jackets and is one of the best rated men's leather jackets in India.

Product Details:

  • Sizes- S,M,L,XL,XXL

  • Colour- Black

  • Available in different colours

  • Dry clean only.

  • Medium Weight- 800gm


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Mozri offers leather jackets in different sizes and is pure leather. Its inner lining is suede fabric and gives an elegant look. 

This leather jacket can be worn for bike rides to dinner hangouts. It has a zip closure and has multiple pockets, with 2 pair of extra buttons to perfectly wrap around your waist

This trendy jacket is one of the best brands for genuine leather jackets in India.

It is a regular fit jacket and ideal for evening hangouts with close friends

Product Details:

  • Sizes- XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL

  • Colour- Black

  • Available in few Colour choices

  • Medium weight-700gm

  • Dry Clean only


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5.United Colors of Benetton Men Jacket

The United Colors Of Benetton, a famous brand founded in 1965, has many apparels mainly for the men's section. This Brown jacket from the brand is a simple and elegant long-sleeved jacket with a solid pattern.

It is elegant in look and ideal for casual parties with colleagues and relatives. UCB is a brand that caters to the casual apparel needs of its customers, and this jacket serves a lot of purposes.

It is one of the best brands for men's leather jackets.

Product Details:

  • Sizes- S,M,L,XL,XXL

  • Colour- Brown

  • Available in few Colour choices

  • Lightweight-450gm

  • Hand Wash


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6.Teakwood Leathers

Teakwood Leathers is a known brand in leather apparel. It is a regular-fit leather jacket ideal for a casual day out. The jackets by the brand are handmade through fine craftsmanship and are genuine leather. They are durable but need good care and upkeep. 

They need a regular leather polish that needs to be dried out in the air.

It is a genuine leather branded jacket and is one of the best brands for genuine leather jackets

Product Details:

  • Sizes- S,M,L,XL,XXL

  • Colour- Brown

  • Available in different Colour choices

  • Medium weight-848 gm

  • Clean with a dry cloth and if needed - dry clean


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7.SARA Women Leather Jacket

Sara Women serves the need of the leather jacket to the women customer base of the country. Like men, women too want to feel the warmth and look smashing in the trendy leather jackets available in the market. For women, Sara is one of the best brands for leather jackets in India.

This jacket has multiple pockets and a viscose lining internally. It has a zip closure and looks highly snuggly, warm, and fashionable.

It is one of the great choices for new-age trendsetting biker women. It is an all-weather jacket.

Product Details:

  • Sizes- S,M,L,XL,XXL

  • Colour- Brown

  • Available in different Colour choices

  • Heavy weight-950 gm

  • Do not wash; clean with a cloth and polish with coconut oil


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8.Leather Retail

Leather retail is a trendy online brand and among the top brands for leather jackets with great choices of colour and style. You can have any kind of leather jacket for any occasion from the extensive style list offered by the brand. You are a biker or a happy-go-lucky party animal, and this jacket gives your style the hype you need. It is not genuine leather, but the styling compensates for this requirement. It looks like a stylish leather jacket, and that's why it is highly famous.

It is full-sleeved and has a zip closure.

Product Details:

  • Sizes- XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL

  • Colour-Black

  • Available in different Colour choices

  • Lightweight-449 gm

  • Dry Clean only


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The leather jackets are highly sought after and trendy. These are some of the top leather jacket brands in India.

This is a brown coloured jacket with a regular fit and is available in multiple colour choices. This jacket has an adjustable fit and is snug on the body to give the complete proper look. 

It gives a good party look and a casual hangout with friends. It is also suitable for biking and road trips.

Product Details:

  • Sizes-S,M,L,XL,XXL

  • Colour-Brown

  • Available in different Colour choices

  • Lightweight-400 gm

  • Machine wash


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10. Blaq Ash 

Blaq Ash has this beautiful jacket that needs high care. This jacket is best for a night party with office colleagues or a cozy dinner date with your loved one. It requires hand wash only and needs to be kept in a non-humid storing place.

It gives a nice and trendy look and keeps you warm for a long time. This is among the top 10 jacket brands in India.

Product Details:

  • Sizes- S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL

  • Colour-Black

  • Available in different Colour choices

  • Heavyweight-1.07 kg

  • Dry Clean only


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Laverapelle is one of the expensive ranges for leather jackets and has some good options to buy from. It is a regular fit jacket with polyester lining available in different sizes and colours.

This jacket can be worn in any season and is suitable for an elegant party, get-together, or reunion. It comes with two inside pockets and has a classy look. It is an excellent option to wear if you want to put style and comfort both on your fashion radar.

Product Details:

  • Sizes- S,M,L,XL,XXL

  • Colour-Black

  • Available in different Colour choices

  • Lightweight - 907gm

  • Dry Clean only


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Chouyatou brings you these stylish jackets that you can wear to look your trendiest best 

It is a black-coloured slim-fit jacket with polyester lining. It has long sleeves and a zipper closure. It is highly suitable for regular wear and is lightweight.

This jacket can be worn daily and is easily washable. It is travel-friendly and suitable for long bike trips with friends. It gives an elegant look and stylish appearance.

Product Details:

  • Sizes- XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL

  • Colour-Black

  • Available in different Colour choices

  • Lightweight-272gm

  • Easy wash

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13. Forest Club

This faux leather jacket from Forest club is affordable on the pocket and high on the style meter. It is a slim-fit jacket that is available in different sizes. It is made up of Soft PU leather fabric, and it has 2 Cross Pockets and 1 Inside Pocket. It is best for winters or riding on bikes for long trips, as it protects from the cold, and the wind blows. It can be used for rough handling as it is made up of tear-resistant fabric but needs hand wash or machine wash only.

It is windproof as well as a waterproof leather jacket.

Product Details:


  • Colour-Black Dotted

  • Available in different Colour choices

  • Heavy weight- 1 kg

  • Slim Fit

  • Gentle Machine Wash Only or Hand wash

Buy Now

Here, we listed the top brands for a leather jacket for you. Now we wish to give you some tips on how to take care of your favourite leather jacket, But before that, we should know what exactly leather jackets are made of?

Different Skins Used For Leather Jackets

Genuine Leather jackets are produced with the skin of animals. A lot of animals are slaughtered to create the best quality leather jackets for the large consumer base. Leather alternatives are available in the market, but people who prefer genuine leather buy only the best quality leather jackets available.

The different skin used to produce leather jackets are:

  • Cow Hide

  • Calf Skin

  • Goat Skin

  • Sheep Skin

  • Lamp Skin

  • Horse Hide

  • Antelope Skin

  • Buck Skin

The skin of these animals produces genuine leather jackets. The leather hides have different qualities depending on the animal it is derived from. Horse hides have a high level of water repellency; cowhides are more suitable as a protective cover than is of high quality.

Goatskin is more suitable as rugged and coarse-textured, whereas sheepskin is softer and insulative in character. This skin ensures genuine quality.

Though leather alternatives are present in the market, some still prefer only genuine leather for their garments and apparel.

How To Take Care Of Leather Jackets?

Owning your favourite leather jacket is one thing, but taking its proper care and giving it a long life is another. If you want a leather jacket and own one, you need to take adequate care of it too. Leather, especially the genuine quality, needs proper care, cleaning, polishing, and storing to give it a long and damage-free life.

Here we will discuss some caring tips for leather jackets so that you can keep your favourite jacket with you for as much time as you want.


  • Wash Care

Wash, dry-clean your jackets regularly. Follow the washing instructions for your leather jacket religiously. If it demands dry clean, never forget to get it done. A leather jacket doesn't allow much air circulation, so there are high chances that the sweat and dirt get accumulated on it after each use.

  • Polish Regularly

Genuine leather demands polish. Polish your leather jacket or use leather conditioners to keep your jacket shine and add life to it. These polishes make your jacket more attractive and let it have its charm intact, just how it looked the first time.

  • Air-dry

To Air-dry your leather jacket after each use is a wise piece of advice to follow. As mentioned, due to lack of air circulation, leather jacket accumulates dirt and humidity. If not taken care of, these jackets tend to get fungus and attract cloth moths. So air-drying it every time after apathy or a get-together is essential.

  • Pack And Store

If you plan to give your leather jacket a break, remember to pack and store it in a secure place after dry-cleaning or washing it. How you keep your leather apparels play an equally important role, just like dry-cleaning it. Never miss this vital step for the long life of your favourite leather jacket.

So, in this article, we learned about leather jackets, their brands, and their advantages, and how to give them a long life. Make sure you follow the article and the tips provided in it to make a better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which leather is best for leather jackets?

A.One of the most common leather used for leather jackets is Cowhide.

Q.How to take care of your leather jackets?

A.You can take care of your leather jackets by - using leather polish, frequently dry cleaning, and storing the leather jacket in a proper place after use is most important for the long life of leather jackets.

Q.Which are the best brands for leather jackets?

A.Some of the best brands for leather jackets are listed above. You can choose any one of them.

Q.Who makes the best quality leather jackets?

A.Best quality leather jackets are made by Teakwood Leathers, JUSTANNED, U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Biker Jacket, etc.

Q.Which country makes the best leather jackets?

A.China, Brazil, Italy, and India are famous for good quality and genuine leather.

Q.Is Milwaukee leather a good brand?

A.It is one of the top-selling biker brands in the world. The quality of their leather is considered one of the best.

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