15 Best Extension Boards in India - Price, Features, & Availability

We are living in an era of Modern and Advanced technology that needs an update on every second or third day. When we talk about Electric Appliances or Electronic Devices, need of the best quality extension board is one of the major appliance that comes to our mind. 

Today, in almost every Residence, Office, Hospitality industry or in many more places, the need for an extension board has become prominent. The utility of an Extension has become undeniable.

Nowadays due to the increase in technology, In every household and office, extension boards have become a must-have product. Extension Board is a major electronic appliance which is a great saviour of almost everyone. Now the extension boards have started coming in handy for the areas that are far away from power sockets.

Extension Boards are multiple electrical sockets connected parallel to each other and covered in a shockproof box.

In this article, we will be telling you about the best extension board in India in detail so that you can choose according to your preference. Below are the names of top extension board brands. You can easily buy Extension Cord Online in India through the below-given links.

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Top 15 Best Extension Boards In India


Best extension board 





Havelles 6-A Four-Way Extension Board


Durable, 4 Universal Sockets with Master Switch, Enough space between sockets.



Portonics Power Plate II


Plastic Body, 3 USB ports, It has fireproof material.



Goldmedal Curve Plus 205101 Extension Board


Plastic, Wall Mount, the 1-year warranty provided, 6 Outlet International socket, surge protection, short circuit protection, overload protection.



GM 3060 E-Book 4+1 Extension Board


4+1 power strip, International sockets, Contains a child safety shutter, It has a thermal overload trip which saves all the connected devices in events of over current, Provides fire retardant protection.



GM 3041 2 Pin FlexBox


Ultra-smooth rotation, international sockets and indicator, Cable guard, 1-year warranty.



Portronics Power Plate 5 Extension Board


Universally applicable to any device,

Has a built-in smart chip.



Wipro Flex Box Extension Board


Comfortable design, Safe, International Sockets



Belkin Essential Extension Board


Grounds AC power with 3 line protection, Universal socket, 



Axmon Extension Board


100% safe charging, Manually control socket, Provides multiple protection.



Honeywell Platinum extension board


Fireproof MOV, Protected and Ground Indicator, Piano glossy finish



Wipro Extension Board


Child safety shutter, Protection from overload



GM 3261 Cuba 3 Socket Extension Board with 3 USB Port


3 Versatile International sockets, Manufactured from fire retardant imported engineering products



Orient Electric 4 Extension Board


Compatible with multi-country plugs, 4 Universal sockets, Overload and short circuit protection.



Addmax Extension Board


Complete protection from electrical short circuit, overcurrent, overheat etc., High quality fire resistant, Provides environmental protection, Built-in smart charging technology.



Belkin Essential 8 Series Extension Cord


Grounds AC power through all 8 sockets, Reliable prpotection almost everywhere.



1. Havells 6-A Four-Way Extension Board

Havell's India Limited is one of the major and leading brands Fast moving electrical goods brands offering a wide variety of Industrial and Domestic Circuit Protection Devices, Fans, Motors, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners, Electrical Water Heaters, Power Capacitors, Cables & Wires, Water Purifiers, Luminaires for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications.

Havells 6-A Four-Way Extension Board is one the largest selling product and the best extension Board for heavy-duty.


  • It has 4 Universal sockets, all connected to a Master Switch. 

  • It gives an LED indication for power status.

  • It has a comfortable setting as it provides you with enough space between the sockets to accommodate.

  • It has multiple plug tops.

  • It is durable.


  • Quality is below average.

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2. Portronics Power Plate II

Portronics came into the market for the first time in 2010. It is known to stand first in revolutionizing portable and innovative technology. It is widely known for its first-ever idea of portable Bluetooth speakers, earphones, car accessories, power banks, hubs & cables, and the list goes on.


  • It has three 5A electrical universal sockets and three USB ports. 

  • It comes with a surge protection circuit and spike buster to ensure the safety and protection of its consumers. 

  • It has a fireproof material with intelligent changing interfaces.


  • High Pricing

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3. Goldmedal Curve Plus 205101 Extension Board

Goldmedal Electrical is an antique brand established in 1979. They initially started as a retailer of leading electrical brands in the country. They have designed their products all the way, keeping in mind the comfortability and safety of their consumers. They are offering their services of User-friendly switches that come in A3 and A6 plates and are extremely smooth, LED, Genuine quality wires ensuring extreme safety, Extension Board and many more products.


  • Contains 1 Gold medal 240 I-strip LED spike guards adaptors. 

  • It contains 6 outlet International sockets and an indicator with a surge protector.

  • It provides short circuit protection and overload protection.


  • The quality of the Power button should be improved. 

  • Focus on all over quality should be there.

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4. GM 3060 E-Book 4+1 Extension Board

GM is an Indian brand by GM Modular Pvt Ltd. offering a wide variety of electrical products like home, music accessories, lightning and many more electrical items. GM is an elegantly and ergonomically designed extension board that is preferable for households, offices, computers, DVDs, TV, and ensures that the electronic equipment complies with the rated voltage. 


  • It has an International socket that is suitable for various kinds of plugs all around the world. 

  • It has 4 International sockets and 1 Master Switch. 

  • It has a unique feature known as a child safety shutter which ensures safety against electronic shock. 

  • It saves your connected devices in case of an event of severe overcurrent as it has a Thermal Overload Trip to power off your system.


  • Limited space between the sockets. 

  • Limited stock at offline stores.

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5. GM 3041 2 Pin FlexBox

GM is an Indian brand by GM Modular Pvt. Ltd., offering you their great variety of Electrical Appliances.


  • It has a cable guard to avoid any damages that can be caused to insulation and ergonomic design. 

  • It has International sockets, Indicators and smooth rotation.

  • Warranty is provided for 1 year.


  • Very limited space between the sockets. 

  • Built is not good. 

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6. Portronics Power Plate 5 Extension Board

This one is a unique singular stop for all your charging needs which has 3 USB Charging Slots and 3 Power Sockets. It is considered to be one of the best extension boards with USB port in India.


  • It has a universal application, so it is very much compatible. 

  • It makes sure that your device is charged quickly and in an efficient manner. 

  • It has a built-in smart chip that helps charge both high voltage and low voltage devices together without having any concern about short-circuiting and overheating issues.


  • The product price is high.

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7. Wipro Flex Box Extension Board

Wipro is one of the leading brands in Global Information Technology, Consulting and Business Process Service Company also dealing in Electrical appliances and accessories. Wipro Flex Box Extension Board is a very lightweight extension board. 


  • It has a very comfortable design with a gripping system.

  • It is safe.

  • It has International sockets, which means it is suitable for all kinds of plugs.


  • Quality is not good

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8. Belkin Essential Extension Board

Belkin is a market leader for Electronic accessories and is known for delivering the best home automation solutions for a wide range of consumer electronics and enterprise environments with connectivity and productivity. 


  • It grounds AC power through all the 6 sockets 

  • It has Universal sockets. 

  • Warranty is of a lifetime (Max 5 years)


  • Price is high 

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9. Axmon Extension Board

Axmon is one of the well-known companies that are present in the market and is famous for its electrical appliances. Products that they provide are very handy or portable designed products so that it is very much easy to carry be it at the home, office, while travelling or to any other place.


  • Provides smart charging and quick charge speed. 

  • Charging ports of the electric strip comes with high current, overload and short circuit protection. 

  • It provides 100% safe charging.

  • It comes with 6 outlets as well as 2 USB ports.


  • The quality of the USB charging needs to get better.

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10. Honeywell Platinum extension board

Honeywell is an International company dealing in Aerospace, Building technologies, Performance materials and technologies, and Safety and productivity solutions. One of the accessories that Honeywell offers is Electrical and Wiring. 


  • It has a protected and ground Indicator.

  • Providing Device Secure Warranty up to Rs.50000.

  • It has Fireproof MOV.


  • The product is not long-lasting.

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11. Wipro Extension Board

Wipro is a well-known brand dealing in various sectors, including Electrical appliances. 


  • Sockets have Child safety shutter 

  • Its board has a power supply indicator.

  • It has safety shutdown protection that gives protection from overload.


  • Not much

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12. GM 3261 Cuba 3 Socket Extension Board with 3 USB Port 

This is one of the best products of GM, designed in a simplistic manner. It is considered to be of very good quality in its buildup and a nice finish to the product. 


  • The use of USB ports is hassle-free. 

  • USB light indicator is installed in the product. 

  • Sockets parts have been manufactured from fire-retardant imported engineering products.


  • Not Much 

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13. Orient Electric 4 Extension Board

Orient is among one of the leading premier lifestyle home solutions providers and the most trusted companies operating in over 35 countries. Orient Electric is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fans in India. This extension board is the best power extension board in India. 


  • It has 4 Universal sockets that can accommodate plugs of different designs and types and is compatible with multi-country plugs.

  • It has a shockproof body.

  • Provides overload and short circuit protection.

  • It contains a heavy-duty cable for high current carrying capacity and enhanced safety.

  • It has firm grip sockets for enhanced safety.


  • Built is not very good.

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14. Addmax Extension Board

Addmax is a leading brand dealing in a variety of heating belts, Electrical appliances, Comfort pillows for people etc. The extension cord that they are providing ensures complete protection and is of advanced technology, fulfilling all your needs. It is considered to be one of the best extension boards in India 2022.


  • This product ensures complete protection from Electrical shock, short circuits, Overheating etc.

  • It is made up of high-quality fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant ABS material, hence ensuring complete protection against fire.

  • It is durable.

  • Provides environmental protection.

  • The extension cord is lightweight and easy to travel.


  • Lacking in Durability of the cable.

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15. Belkin Essential 8 Series Extension Cord

This is one of the most famous brands that has launched this new variety of extension cords with modern technology. 


  • It grounds AC power through all the sockets.

  • It offers very trustworthy and reliable protection for printers, broadband modems, workstations, home theatre systems and everyday household electronics.

  • Lifetime Warranty(5 years)


  • Price is high

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Additional information on Extension Boards

As there is an advancement in technology, there is an increase in the diversity of extension boards also like more advanced ones have come like the one with USB ports that has the facility of connecting devices and charging the device together.

Various choices are available to look for before buying an extension board like you can choose an extension board as per USB port availability, LED display indicator, number of slots available etc.

Looking for Best extension board with individual switches?

Hoteon Extension Board is the best extension board with Individual switches. It has a total of 5 On/Off switches on each socket and USB Ports. This extension board is equipped in a way that will save energy.

  • It has the quality which enables you to control the electrical flow with the switch itself instead of unplugging the device.

  • Hoteon presents to you an extension board which is fireproof up to 850℃ and 100% copper wire.

  • It is also equipped with Child Safety Door Protection to protect the kids from electric shock.

  • It has an advance technology of built-in smart charging technology which means it will automatically detect and then maximize the fastest and quick charge speed upto 3.4A.

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Which is the best extension board for Iron?

If you are wondering what is the Best extension board for Iron, The right answer to this is Indirco 1+1 extension board that is specifically designed for electrical irons and is made with branded accessories.

  • Designed specifically for Electric Iron Press and Mobile Charging.

  • It contains 40/36 copper wire cloth which protects its iron from heating.

  • It has 1 socket i.e. 6A and 1 switch i.e. 6A for ON/OFF.

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Above listed are all the best extension board brands in India and the information about the best extension cords with unique features that they are offering. You can choose which one is the best according to your requirements.

People do ask 

Which Company is best for Extension Board?

  • Havells 6-A Four-Way Extension Board

  • ADDMAX Extension Cord

  • Belkin Essential Extension Board

  • Havells 6-A Four-Way Extension Board

  • Addmax Extension Board

How do I choose an extension board?

  • It should be Environment friendly.

  • Look for the one with Universal Sockets.

  • Look for a product that ensures complete protection from Electrical shock, Short circuits, Overheating, Overheating etc.




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