How To Delete Dream11 Account?

Dream11 is one of India's biggest fantasy gaming sites that you can check out to enjoy all the latest online games and sports to win and earn money online.

However, if you are wondering how to delete Dream11 account permanently, you can check out our article to know the right way of doing it. It is not too difficult; if you look at the sections below, you can easily see all the details. 

Dream11 is relatively easy to work on as all you have to do is add your favourite players to your team, and if they happen to perform well, you can earn rewards and money.

But if you want to know how to delete account in Dream11, then follow all the steps and details I have shared and remove the data and account details from your device.

Also, if you want to know tips and tricks of Dream11, I have created a dedicated article on Dream11 Tips and Tricks, which you can read and know the best way to earn money. 

How To Delete Dream11 Account 

How To Delete My Dream11 Account

Deleting your Dream11 account is not too challenging. The app offers several services you can avail of, and if you want to earn from it, it is not too difficult. However, if you are still looking to delete this app from your account, here are some exciting details you can check to ensure you are deleting this app from your device. There are two ways through which you can delete it. 

  • Temporarily Suspending the account.
  • Permanently Deleting the account. 

How To Temporarily Suspend Dream11 Account?

First off, we will look at how to suspend a Dream11 account temporarily using the steps and procedures available in the Dream 11 mobile app. Just follow these steps, and the app will suspend your Dream11 account.

1. Your first step is to tap on the Avatar icon in your Dream11 App.

2. The second step is to go to the “My Info & Settings” option.

3. Next step is to click on the “Suspend Account” option.

4. It will ask you to choose the duration of suspension (You can access it on Dream11 app, but can’t participate in any contests).

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How To Delete Dream11 Account Permanently?

If you want to know how to delete an account on Dream11, here are some clear, easy, and straightforward steps. It won't happen if you uninstall the app from your mobile; you must follow the procedure to delete the account permanently. So here are the measures to do that. 

1. Open the Dream11 app or website and enter your credentials.

2. Next is to tap on Profile icon and then, click on the avatar icon.

3. The third step is to go to the Help & Support.

4. Connect with their Customer Support team and discuss “How To Delete Dream11 Account Permanently”. 

5. Now you need to submit all vital information to delete your account. You also need to submit the reason behind deleting the account permanently. 

6. Select the “Submit” button to confirm. 

You can also share an email to delete your account permanently. 

Email Format for Dream11 Account Deletion: 

Subject: Request To Delete My Dream11 Account

Dear Dream11 Team,

I have a Dream11 account in your database with the name …………., and my email ID is…………. I am not able to use my Dream11 account anymore. Hence, I request you kindly delete my Dream11 account from your database as soon as possible. Here are the details you might require.

Name: (your name)

Phone: (your phone number)

Email: (your email ID)

Thanks and Regards,

Your Name

Now, the support staff of Dream11 will check and delete the account for you.

Dream11 Customer Care

If you have any query or information you want to clear, reach out to the customer care cell of Dream11 on 18005729878 or mail them at [email protected]. This way, you can reach out to them whenever you need to and get your questions and doubts answered. 

Point to Note: 

  • You can change your phone number on the Dream11 app by going to your Dream11 profile.

  • A user can create only One account here.


You might have earned enough money through the Dream11 application and are now looking at the "How To Delete Dream11 Account" process. Right? This article is helpful for you as I have shared the steps to delete accounts temporarily and permanently both. If you have more such questions about this popular fantasy gaming site, do not hesitate to ask. Drop your queries in our comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Dream11 App?

A. Dream11 is a fantasy gaming app that allows you to win and earn rewards online with the help of online games and sports. 

Q. How to participate in Dream11 contests?

A. It is pretty easy to participate in Dream11 contests. You have to log in to the app and enter the sports and games you wish to participate in, and you will be added to it. 

Q. How can I delete my Dream11 account permanently?

A. You might need to follow a few steps to delete the Dream11 account from your phone. Check out the information mentioned in the article above. 

Q. Can I close my Dream11 account?

A. Yes, the Dream 11 account can be closed temporarily. Follow the steps mentioned above by clicking How To Temporarily Suspend Dream11 Account

Q. Can I remove my PAN card from Dream11?

A. You can’t edit your PAN Card, but can remove it once Dream11 verifies it. 

Q. How do I remove my card details from Dream11?

A. Go with this process: My Balance > Manage Payments > Select and remove the card you wish to remove > Delete Card.

Q. Is Dream11 safe for bank account?

A. You can provide your PAN and Bank details. The app is completely secure and safe to play games.

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