Cred IPL Offer - Win up to Rs. 500 + Mega Prizes daily [Bounty Game]

Cred has become a popular app. While the app has made paying credit card bills more rewarding. They also come up with many games and contests to reward users. 

Cred Bounty Game is one such example where you can win up to Rs. 500 cashback and mega prizes daily. This is the IPL special offer of Cred where you get 15 chances daily to try your luck and win mega prizes. 

Meanwhile, Cred also has an amazing referral program in place where you can win up to Rs. 1000 per referral. 

Keep reading to know more about The Cred IPL offer and get ready to win exciting prizes and cashbacks this season. 


What is Cred IPL offer 2022? 

Cred comes up with the IPL offer every year to reward users handsomely. You can pay your credit card bills and participate in different contests to earn cashback and prizes. 

You can pay credit card bills on the Cred app during the powerplay overs of the IPL 2022 matches and stand a chance to win 100% cashback. 

IPL 2022 started on 26th March, the tournament will go on till 29th May 2022, during the duration you can expect many offers which make the tournament even more fun. 

Recently, Cred has added the mobile recharge and utility payments section in the app as well. With the addition of new services, Cred is emerging as the new one-stop destination for all types of payments. And the exciting offers and rewards add to the craze of this app. 

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What is Cred Bounty Game?

With the Cred Bounty Game, you earn Rs. 6 to Rs. 500 every time. The cashback will be credited to your wallet. And you can use it to pay bills or do recharge on the Cred app. 

Lucky winners stand a chance to win mega prizes such as iPhone 13, AirPods, Apple Watch, Crusie Trip, Gold etc. The lucky winners will receive notification within 48 to 96 hours. The Game is valid for a limited time only. 


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How to Play Cred Bounty Game?

  • Open the latest version of the Cred app

  • The Game will be live from 12 PM daily till midnight.

  • Go To Rewards > Play Cred Bounty > Click on Buzz.

  • You’ll see your contact numbers to send buzz.

  • Tap on any number to send a buzz

  • Win min Rs. 6 to Rs.500 cashback, coins, or mega prizes.

  • You will also get Golden Buzz to win assured cashback prizes.

  • You can send a maximum of upto 15 buzzes daily.

CRED Bounty Game Terms & Conditions:

  • Send a buzz to your contacts and invite them to the CRED Bounty Game.

  • Win cashback, Cred Coins, and mega prizes.

  • Earn a minimum of Rs.6 to Rs.500 Cashback every time.

  • Win upto 100% Cashback on credit card bill payment

Cred is one of the most rewarding apps. You can participate in various contests and win exciting prizes. For IPL 2022, Cred has come up with many exciting offers. You get up to 100% cashback on credit card bill payments. There are many prizes to be won as well during the IPL 2022. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRED IPL offer?

Get up to 100% cashback on credit card bills during powerplay of all matches during IPL 2022. You can also play the Cred Bounty game to win assured cashback and exciting rewards.

How do you get 100 per cent back on CRED?

You can get 100% cashback on Credit card bill payments on the Cred app. The offer is applicable on transactions done during the powerplay overs of IPL matches. 

How do I get CRED cashback?

Pay credit card bill on the Cred app to earn cashback. You can also refer friends to earn up to Rs. 1000 cashback for every invite.

What is CRED bounty?

With Cred bounty invite your friends to play and earn cashback for every invite. 

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