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Introducing Cashback

Now shop through FreeKaaMaal and get free PayTM cash on every purchase. We get commission for every sale that you do through us and now we will be passing on that commission back to our users. Shop form the below stores and get upto 100% cashback. This is what we call Free Ki Shopping

How to Earn Cashback ?

  • Sign up on freekaamaal.com to create your account Choose from your favorite online stores listed with us for the best deals, offers and discount coupons.

    Step 1

  • Go to the online retailer you choose through the Freekaamaal. Shop as you generally do and get a percentage of the amount you spent as cashback on your purchases.

    Step 2
  • Cashback amount will be added to your wallet within 24-48 hours and you can withdraw it once retailer confirms ( within 8-10 weeks

    Step 3

Top Store to Earn 100% Cashback

  • Shop anything and get Rs.160 cashback

  • Sign up at Paypal and get cashback of Rs.150 when you add your Credit/ Debit card and make a purchase from their partner's site.

  • Buy Tea from TeaFloor worth Rs.500 or more and get Rs.500 back

  • Register to play the free rummy and get cashback of Rs.20

  • Deposit Rs.200 to play poker at Spartan Poker and Get Cashback Of Rs.200 from FreeKaaMaal

  • Shop for Rs.450 at Ajio to get Cashback of Rs.300 Flat

  • Order Anything Of Rs. 300 Or More from Licious to get cashback of Flat Rs.200. Offer valid for new users only.

  • Shop anything for Rs.350 or more from bata and get flat Rs.200 cashback

  • Shop anything for Rs.800 or above and get Cashback of Rs.350

  • Shop for Rs.10000 to Get Rs.4500 cashback

  • Deposit Rs.200 at 9stacks and get Rs.100 from 9stacks and Rs.200 cashback from Freekaamaal

  • Shop and get Rs.300 Cashback on shopping at Shoppersstop

  • Order anything from Freshmenu to get Cashback of Rs.50

  • Apply For Citi Bank Rewards Card & Get Rs. 1500 Cashback

  • Buy anything from Cipla and get Flat Rs.150 cashback

  • Deposit Rs.100 To Play Rummy Online and get Rs.200 Cashback

  • Shop for Rs.500 and above to get Rs.300 cashback

  • Spend 2 minutes to get Rs.20 payTM Cash

  • Buy anything from the Paperkart and get Cashback of Flat 20%

  • Order anything for Rs.800 or above and get Flat Rs.300 cashback

  • Buy Lingerie For FREE !! Shop Anything Of Rs. 100 Or More & Get Rs. 100 Cashback From FreeKaaMaal

  • Buy anything from KFC online and get Rs.40 cashback from FreeKaaMaal

  • Order anything and get Flat Rs.160 Cashback For "New Users" & Rs. 75 Cashback For "Existing Users"

  • Order Pizza from Pizza Hut to get cashback of Rs.30.

  • Shop from beatoapp and get Flat Rs.600 cashback

  • Apply For Citi Bank Cashback Card & Get Rs. 1800 Cashback

  • Apply For SBI Elite Card & Get Rs. 1000 Cashback

  • Shop from Planeteves.com Of Rs. 700 and get Rs.250 cashback on every order from FreeKaaMaal

  • Download the software and earn Rs.40 Paytm cash instantly

  • Order Food at WokExpress and get Rs.400 cashback

  • Book a stay at Treebo hotels Of Rs. 1000 Or More and get cashback of Rs.800

  • Shop anything from Indiacircus & get Flat Rs.180 Cashback

Important Points to Remember
  • 1

    Please add products in your Cart only AFTER you click out of FreeKaaMaal. Products lying in the cart before clicking out through FreeKaaMaal will not be eligible for claiming Cashback.

  • 2

    Complete your purchase in the same session/in one go after clicking through FreeKaaMaal.

  • 3

    Do not visit any other price comparison, coupon or deal site in between clicking-out through FreeKaaMaal & placing the order on retailer's site.

  • 4

    Always use an incognito window of your browser, to avoid cashback tracking issue

  • 5

    Cashback is Applicable thrice per month( May vary from store to store), per unique freekaamaal and Merchant/store accounts based on Email ID, IP address, Mobile no., Delivery address & Payment card/Wallet

  • 6

    It usually takes 24-48 hours to track the sale and crediting the cashback to your FreeKaaMaal account. However, initially, this cashback status will remain Pending. Once the retailer confirms the transaction (within 6-10 business weeks) your cashback status will change to Confirmed. Thus, Missing Cashback Support Tickets could be raised only after 72 hours of making the transaction and before 4th of the next month whichever is earlier. Any support ticket/query raised before the mentioned time will be Rejected

  • 7

    Only use Coupons available on FreeKaaMaal to ensure validity & Cashback tracking. Restrictions may apply in some cases.

  • 8

    Bulk Orders will NOT be accepted for claiming Cashback: Please note it is against our T&C's to use our services for non-personal or commercial use. FreeKaaMaal shall block all such accounts and forfeit their cashback balances

  • 9

    Cashback is not payable if you return/ canceled / exchange/ partial cancellation / partial exchange of your order. In all these cases Cashback for the full order will be declined.

  • 10

    Cashback is NOT guaranteed based on various retailer criteria while Using a Coupon, Gift Voucher, Gift Card, Gift Certificate or Store Credit.

  • 11

    Cashback rates are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

  • 12

    For any Cashback/Rewards related issues/queries, kindly mail us at support@freekaamaal.com

(FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions

We receive referral commission for driving traffic and sales to our merchant store's site. We pass on the entire commission back to our customers as Cashback reward which they can redeem through PayTM or Bank transfer

Easy steps to follow to earn Cashback:

  1. Login to FreeKaaMaal and visit the cashback page here https://freekaamaal.com/cashback
  2. Look for your favorite online retailer you want to shop on.
  3. Click on their site via link given on our site.
  4. Shop and make the transaction with the retailer's site like you normally do.
  5. Retailer pays us a commission for this sale. We pass on the same to you as 'cashback'. Initially your Cashback remains in 'Pending' status. Once the return period for the product is over, your cashback status becomes 'Confirmed'
  6. Now you can redeem the amount any time via Online Transfer/Mobile Recharge/Shopping Voucher.

Certainly not! In order to earn cashback, you have to visit the retailer via our unique link.​This is how the retailer tracks that we got them the sale, and we would receive a commission from them and pay you cashback from this. If you go to the retailer directly, thenwe will not​be able to claim any commission and pay cashback to you. Also,

werecommends you not to use a reference or code provided by a comparison site. In that case, the commission from the sale would be paid to the comparison site. If we do not receive any commission from retailers we would not be unable to give cashback to you.

I made a purchase but have not received any cashback email for it. What can I do? If you made a transaction less than than 3 days ago, please wait a little longer.Typically it takes between 24 - 72 hours for retailers to track sales, so you could still receive your cashback email automatically.

However, If your purchase was done over 3 days ago, please submit a missing Cashback Request visiting 'My Account'

here (https://freekaamaal.com/cashback/home) then click on ‘Report Missing Cashback". Any Missing Cashback Report will not be accepted after 10 days. Sometimes, though rare, retailers fail to track a transaction on their end. After we receive transaction details from you, we can follow this up with the retailer, and try to get your missing cashback.

Generally, sticking to the terms and conditions provided on our retailer page and ensuring you follow the recommended process will minimize the risk of anything going wrong.

When you visit a retailer via our website, our systems can track that visit and record an 'exit click'. Thereafter, if you don't get an email from us about your cashback it is likely that somehow the retailer has missed the transaction. In these cases we will chase the retailer and do our best to get you your missing cashback. In some cases the retailer may decline your cashback, such as:

  • The purchase was returned, cancelled or the order amended.
  • The purchase was not completed fully online.
  • Another referrer has been awarded the cashback commission (e.g. a price comparison site) if you have used their referreral code in between.
  • You did not comply with the terms and conditions listed on our website and/or the retailer's.
  • A voucher code or gift code not authorized by our website was used.
  • The retailer has ceased trading or has gone into administration.
  • Cookies were disabled and hence the tracking could not be completed.

You can Sign In to FreeKaaMaal here (https://freekaamaal.com/cashback/home)and then at the top right go to My Account & check your Cashback earnings in Balance & Historysection.

When you have a ‘Confirmed’ status of your Cashback, you can claim your cashback

requesting PayTM Tranfer, Right now we only offer PayTM tranfer but soon other options like Banktransfer andShopping Voucherswill be available too.

To request payment, login to your account

and​​​ click on“Withdraw Money” section inredeem your cashback amount.

(Please note that only Cashback with ‘Confirmed’ status can be paid. Until we receive payment from retailers, Cashback remains as ‘Pending’ and cannot be paid to you.)

Because it generally takes quite a while for your transaction details to reach us via merchant and therefore for your transaction to become confirmed we need an authentication from retailer side that you have made a purchase on their site through FreeKaaMaal.com.

When you click through from FreeKaaMaaland make your transaction on a merchant site, your action is tracked by the merchant and reported back to us . When the transaction is first reported, it will be given a ‘Pending’ status. This means that the retailer has tracked your transaction and indicated us about your purchase through ​FreeKaaMaal​. Sometimes your transaction is declined often because of you return the purchased item back to the retailer.In this case your status will also switch to ‘Decline’.After a certain number of days, when their is no return and transaction is confirmed your status will normally switch to ‘Confirmed’ status. This means that the retailer has agreed that all is fine with your transaction and your cashback is now confirmed from our side. You can now claim your cashback at any time either through online transfer, mobile recharge or shopping voucher.

Since different merchants process transactions through the various stages, they have a cycle of confirming the transaction when there is no probability of decline of the respective transaction.Once they confirm us with your transaction we will change your status as Confirmed.

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How to Earn Cashback ?

  • Join Us

    Sign up on freekaamaal.com to create your account Choose from your favorite online stores listed with us for the best deals, offers and discount coupons.


  • Shop Smart

    Go to the online retailer you choose through the Freekaamaal. Shop as you generally do and get a percentage of the amount you spent as cashback on your purchases.


  • Earn Cahsback

    Cashback amount will be added to your wallet within 24-48 hours and you can withdraw it once retailer confirms ( within 8-10 weeks


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