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Beardo Review

Self-grooming is nowadays all the rage with many brands and their products being available to help in keeping yourself prepared and presentable at all times. Beardo, which has been at the forefront of making the best grooming products is one of the most popular beard care brands around. So today we turn the spotlight to this brand for a quick Beardo Review, checking their most popular products and checking out the features and benefits of them all. 

Before we begin, let us tell you that the market for beard grooming products is wide open with only a few quality products making their presence felt here. You do not want to purchase poor-quality products that may spoil your hair or beard. Beardo and many other brands have been manufacturing some of the beard oils for men, which have made them popular in the country. If you are looking for Beardo Beard Growth Hair Oil Reviews then click here to know more about these products. 

So in such a scenario, it is essential to check out the Beardo Product reviews, so that you can be sure of what you buy for yourself. Let start this product review by first knowing about the brand that we are about to check out.

List of Beardo Products

Beardo Products

Beardo Strong Hold Hair Wax

Rs. 255

Beardo Beard Oil

Rs. 625

Beardo Onion Oil Concentrate

Rs. 339

Beardo Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Rs. 280

Beardo Dark Side Perfume

Rs. 679

Beardo Hair Fall Shampoo

Rs. 308

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Here is the list of products that we will be reviewing today. Some of these are very popular and are quite beneficial as well. All in all, in the sections below, we will be sharing our reviews on the products, what they have to offer and what their prices are. These will help you decide whether or not they will be useful to you and can be purchased or not. 

Beardo is known to make some great products for all kinds of people. You can use them for beard care, hair care and for many other purposes. The brand is very diverse and the range of products allows you to tackle any kind of problem very easily with the help of the products. 

Without further ado, let us check out the best Beardo products and their reviews, prices, features and more.

Why Beardo?

As mentioned earlier, the male grooming products are just starting to catch up with the Indian market. At present, there are a few brands that offer quality products. While most of them are expensive, Beardo has shown a promising line up by introducing top-notch products at very affordable prices. 

Beardo has a good quality control setup which ensures that only supreme quality products enter the market. The idea behind Beardo is to provide men with the best products that ensure the nourishment and health of their facial hair.

With Beardo you can get a huge collection of skincare, hair care and beard care products that you would not get anywhere else. Each product is designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the customers therefore, their products give a much better experience than the rest of the brands.

If you are looking for such products then you should check out Beardo which is providing a number of products at amazing discounts and offers at its website where you can log in and get exclusive deals and cashbacks.

Let us now have a look at the top Beardo products that we are going to review for you today, along with all their features and necessary details that make them the best among the best. 

Beardo Product Review 

So now let us closely check out the details, features and all the specifications of the Beardo products online and offline and also explore why many people, and us too, prefer to use these Beardo products on a daily basis.

We will first tell you all about the product and then check out its features and specifications. We will then explore their online rating and also their prices. If you are interested in purchasing these Beardo products then you should definitely check out this section. 

And if you do plan to purchase these, then we also have provided the links to you so that you can buy them instantly by following the links to the e-commerce website they are available at. 

1. Beardo Hair Wax Review - Beardo Strong Hold Hair Wax

Here we are going to have a Beardo hair wax review and find out if the Beardo Strong Hold Hair Wax product is effective or not. 

We will first have a look at the ingredients of Beardo Strong Hold Hair Wax. It contains beeswax, glycerine, Aloe Vera extracts and other ingredients. It contains all-natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals. It provides a matte look finish to the beard which it does with the help of the crystal gel technology. 

Why Did We Opt for it?

  • The Beardo strong hold hair wax helps in styling hair in versatile ways.

  • It contains glycerine which helps in keeping the hair moisturized.

  • This product contains beeswax which prevents hair loss. 

  • The aloe vera extracts are anti-inflammatory for the skin.

Best Beardo Products Review:

This product has been rated online by users with 4 stars out of 5.

Beardo Products Price:

Its 75ml pack is priced online at Rs. 255

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2. Beardo Beard Oil Review - Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil

The next product on our list is the Beardo Beard Oil which is a very popular beard oil among men. If we get into the Beardo beard growth oil review, we will see that this oil has many benefits that make it a great choice for those looking for effective beard oils.

It is a scientifically formulated beard oil known for promoting beard growth and also keeping the hair nourished and healthy. The oil enters the scalp and strengthens the roots and follicles of the hair. You can buy Beardo hair growth oil online at best price in India.

Latest Review of Beardo Beard Growth Hair Oil

  • This beard oil contains Hibiscus which keeps hair healthy

  • Amla extracts in this beard oil prevent premature greying of hair

  • It also has coconut oil which rejuvenates the hair follicles

  • The presence of Sesame in this beard oil makes it good for preventing split ends and hair fall. 

Best Beardo Products Review:

This product has been rated online by users with 3.5 stars out of 5.

Beardo Products Price:

Its 50ml pack is priced at Rs 625

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3. Beardo Hair Growth Oil Review - Beardo Onion Oil Concentrate for Hair

The next product review in our list is the Beardo oil review, where we check out the Beardo Onion Oil Concentrate for Hair. This is one of the most popular products when it comes to hair nourishment. Its main ingredient is cold-pressed red onion oil which has many nutrients that keep hair healthy and strong. 

In this Beardo growth oil review, we can see that the oil also contains Sunflower oil which provides added benefits when it comes to hair nourishment. You can also add the Beardo Onion Oil Concentrate to your regular hair oil and apply it over your hair. 

Why Did We Opt for it?

  • It contains Red onion oil which is known to keep nutrients like Vitamin B complex, C, E and other nutrients intact. 

  • Red Onion oil helps in improving hair growth and provides moisture to the hair.

  • It has antiseptic properties and is also great for fighting dandruff.

  • The Beardo Onion oil helps prevent hair loss and is also anti-inflammatory.

Best Beardo Products Review:

This product has been rated online by users with 3 stars out of 5.

Beardo Products Price:

Its 25ml pack is priced at Rs. 339.


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4. Beardo Peel Off Mask Review - Beardo Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Next up is the Beardo peel off mask review where we check out the Beardo Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask. It is a popular face mask that helps keep the skin healthy and refreshed. The Beardo face mask contains Activated Charcoal which has its advantages.

The Beardo Activated Charcoal face mask also contains glycerine and water which help in fighting skin problems and keeping impurities at bay. 

Why Did We Opt for it?

  • The Beardo Face mask contains Activated Charcoal, Glycerine and water.

  • Activated charcoal helps in pulling out dirt, chemicals and all other impurities in the skin.

  • Glycerin helps fight skin problems like oily skin, acne and blemishes.

  • Water maintains the natural moisture of the skin and refines skin texture.

Best Beardo Products Review:

This product has been rated online by users with 3.5 stars out of 5.

Beardo Products Price:

Its 100g pack is priced at Rs. 280


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5. Beardo Dark Side Perfume Review - Beardo Dark Side Perfume

If you are looking for an excellent option for perfumes, then you can check out the Beardo dark side perfume review to find out whether the Beardo Dark Side perfume makes the cut or not. This perfume is emerging as a popular choice among many people  

The best thing about this perfume is the elegant smell that is neither too strong nor too weak. It perfectly balances body odour and gives you a refreshing feeling. The smell has slight woody tones that are very suitable for daily use. 

So if you are looking for a perfume for men, then we would suggest you check out Beardo Dark Side perfume. Here are some of the features we liked about this product.

Why Did We Opt for it?

  • This perfume is the best bet for alleviating odour problems

  • It has a great scent that keeps one refreshed for long periods

  • The perfume is quite reasonably priced.

  • It is suitable for daily use. 

Best Beardo Products Review:

This product has been rated online by users with 3.5 stars out of 5.

Beardo Products Price:

Its 100ml pack is priced at Rs. 679.


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6. Beardo Shampoo Review - Beardo Hair Fall Shampoo

Beardo has been at the forefront of making some of the most popular hair care products that have been a huge hit in the Indian market. One of these is the Beardo Hair Fall shampoo which is being used by many people in the country for the upkeep and maintenance of their hair. 

Here we are going for a  Beardo shampoo review, wherein we will check out all the details that make this shampoo a great choice for those looking for hair care and anti-hair fall shampoos. 

Beardo’s Shampoo is successful in that. It not only prevents hair loss in individuals, but it also strengthens hair follicles that improve hair strength and growth. If you are thinking about what makes the Beardo Anti Hair Fall shampoo so special, then here are some of the features that are responsible for that.

Why Did We Opt for it?

  • This hair fall shampoo contains Rosemary oil that is essential for preventing hair fall.

  • It also contains Brahmi which fights against hair breakage.

  • The presence of Amla in this shampoo keeps the hair free from infections and hair greying.

  • Aloe Vera extracts in this shampoo treat frizzy hair and provide natural conditioning for the hair. 

Best Beardo Products Review:

This product has been rated online by users with 3.5 stars out of 5.

Beardo Products Price:

Its 250ml pack is priced around Rs. 308.


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Benefits of Beardo

If you are still not convinced whether or not to purchase Beardo’s products then you can check out these advantages and benefits one gets while using Beardo. Maybe this will help you in weighing your options, whether or not to go for it or not. 

It is okay if you do not buy a Beardo product immediately but you can definitely check out the features it has and all the Beardo coupon codes and discounts that you can get by purchasing its products online. 

So to help you decide, here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with Beardo. 

1. Top Quality Products

On this platform, you can get some of the best quality products at great prices. The products are made with natural ingredients and help solve a variety of problems. You can find products like shampoo, face masks, beard oils, hair oils and much more with Beardo. 

2. Use of Natural Ingredients

Beardo is known for using natural ingredients in its products which is an excellent aspect of the brand. Because people are afraid of using products with harmful chemicals Beardo becomes a great alternative for them to use on a regular basis. Natural ingredients include oils, extracts and other naturally sourced ingredients which help provide much-required nutrition. 

3. Ease of Purchase

To buy the best beardo products online, you can simply visit their website and order items directly from them. Other than that you can also find their products on all major e-commerce sites. This is a great method as one does not need to go looking from shop to shop to buy a Beardo product. You can simply visit their website or check out any online commerce site. 

4. Affordable Prices

Another one of the benefits of Beardo is that it offers very affordable prices on its products. Other brands might tend to be a bit pricey bt Beardo offers regular discounts which are massive and also has sales, deals and other offers where customers can purchase their favourite products at very affordable rates. Beardo also has its own VIP Club where customers can become members and enjoy excellent services and exclusive offers and features. 



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So these were some of the Beardo Reviews of Products from the hair wax, shampoo, hair oil, beard oil, perfume and face mask categories. Let us know what you feel about these products down below in the comments section. If you are looking for more such reviews, articles, news, blogs and more then keep following our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Beardo have side effects?

A. No, Beardo uses natural ingredients which ensures that there are no side effects faced by any consumer. Most of its products are certified to avoid any kind of side effects. However, you can check the label of the products you purchase to check for any ingredient you might have an allergic reaction to. 

Q. Is Beardo an Indian company?

A. Yes, Beardo is an Ahmedabad based Indian company that is very popular for its hair and beard care products in India. 

Q. Does Beardo help in growing a beard?

A. Most of the Beardo or any beard care products are specifically designed for the upkeep and maintenance of one’s beards. They may provide natural vitamins and elements that improve the growth of the beard.

Q. Where can I purchase Beardo products?

A. It is not difficult to get your hands on the Beardo products to be honest. You can find them on any major e-commerce website such as Amazon. Flipkart, Nykaa. Apart from these, you can also get them directly from the Beardo website as well. Many major outlets also have these products. 

Q. Are there any discounts and offers with Beardo products?

A. Yes, Beardo is known to bring out offers, discounts and much more on a regular basis for its products. With the help of these, you can buy the most popular products at very affordable and reasonable prices. 

Q. Does Beardo offer any Membership Plans?

A. As a matter of fact, yes, Beardo does offer Membership for those who are willing to take it. The membership gives users access to extra benefits, discounts and offers. It offers two types of membership, Beardo Bro and Beardo Gangsta. 

Q. What is the range of products offered by Beardo?

A. Apart from Beard care and hair care products, Beardo also has grooming kits, trimmers, skin care products and fragrances and scent products. You can purchase all of these products from their website or any popular e-commerce site online. 

Q. What are the reviews for Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil?

A. These are some of the most popular items that you can find from this brand. You can purchase them online at the best prices. 

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