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About Adda52 is an online platform where you can come and play the best games like poker, rummy, etc. You can bring your friends and family to play online and compete in a match of poker. The adda52 is a family that has players based on dynamic skills. A good match of poker is not far. Just sign up to become a member and start playing.

Adda52 is Safe & Secure

The security and safety policies of adda52 are sound with having some of the best types of poker games. The information you feed them is kept confidential. They use 128-bit encrypted security to ensure you have a secure and protected network.

Adda52 has Zero Tolerance for Fraud and Collusion

The systems of adda52 perform random security checks and other account reviews so as to maintain the system integrity and fairness. There is time to time checks on the log accounts of the players as well. If any kind of foul or deceptive practices is found then they immediately close their account.

Payment Processes

There are many options through which you can make a payment. The payment options are secured and trusted. You can make easy deposits and they guarantee fast cash outs. Moreover, to make playing easy for you we at freekaamaal provide you with great adda52 coupon codes that will further drop down your bills.

Poker Variants available on Adda52 has the following variants:

  • Texas Holdem

  • Omaha Hi/Lo

  • Sprint poker

  • Crazy pineapple

How to get started with

The agreements between Gaussian Networks Private Ltd and all the subsidiaries it has been referred to as the company from now on. The agreements must be understood completely well before you agree to the terms and conditions of using the governance. The “Terms and conditions” must be completely known inside out so that the rules and regulations are known properly before you start the journey. . Get started with adda52 right now and avail the latest coupon codes and offers on Freekaamaal. Check out the video of adda52 where India come to play poker:

The Background of

Adda52 is owned by Gaussian Networks Pvt Ltd. It was founded by Mohit Agarwal and Anuj Gupta in 2011. Adda52 has been certified by iTech Labs for fair play and random number generator. We have also tied up with multiple banks and payments gateways to process payments of our customers. There are exciting adda52 deals that you can make use of right now to get amazing bargains.

How to become a member?

The Website and its membership are strictly private and in no way should be considered to be public. To gain the membership of the website you have to enable the user to play the games offered or use the software or any kind of product or services that is offered by the website. Adda52 or its associates will first register themselves with the website.

The registration does not mean you have a guaranteed membership. It is only after the company or its representatives if they want to grant you membership. They will inform you the same by sending you an email. The Website has opened only 5 lac memberships for this calendar year. Adda52 does not accept more memberships in a year once the above number is fulfilled.

Adda52 cannot grant membership to anyone at anytime. All the rights to grant the membership is reserved by them. All the membership can also be terminated by giving you a prior notice.

Cities where Adda52 is Available

In some cities like Assam and Orissa, the applicable laws are prohibited. If a user tries to use these services in these two cities then strict penalties can be imposed on the user. The company does not accept any membership from these two cities. Once you accept that adda52 is not liable for any breach of the user of applicable state laws. The sers have to make sure that they belong to the applicable cities. All other states and cities are eligible to apply for the membership but not assam or orissa. Also, the users rights would be terminated and the membership will be confiscated. adda52 promo codes are also available online for the players outside of these cities.

Best 10 Poker Sites in India

If you are a fan of Poker then you know that gambling is banned in India and that is the reason, we don’t have casinos. Although, you can always opt for online Poker. Trusting an Online platform for it's fair play can be a bit difficult since there are numerous sites that offer Poker Online. Therefore, we have aggregated the Top 10 Poker sites in India where you can play online poker with Safety, Privacy, and loads of offers.

Maintenance of

The maintenance of the site is done periodically. You cannot use someone else’s account. If you attempt to use someone else’s account you will be entitled to close your account. The accounts department from will bar you from playing any further. You should ensure that you have read and understood the rules and regulations of the games available through the service, here on referred to as the “games”. You agree to abide by the rules and regulations of each of the Games as published and periodically changed on the website.

What are the Adda52 Offers on FreeKaaMaal?

Freekaamaal is a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs. Get unlimited offers and adda52 discounts on freekaamaal. This will make your gaming even more exciting. Now you don't have to pay full price anymore. Just go to FreeKaaMaal website and look for the best offers on the deals and select them to get further discounts on all your purchases at adda52.

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