Beautiful Countries Offering Long-Term Visas

17 August 23



The D7 Visa allowed non-EU citizens to live in Portugal for upto a year with the option to renew.


Italy has an elective residency visa that allows foreign nationals to retire in Italy as long as they have the financial means to support themselves. One can’t have an active source of income during t


With Mexico’s “ Temporary Resident Visa”, one can stay in the coin try for a year, and it can be renewed for three more years.


With Greece’s Long Stay Visa or D Visa, one can stay in the country for a period of time as a remote worker.


With Spain Non-Lucrative Visa, a person can live in Spain as long as they can financially support themselves.


For an extended stay Visa, one must apply in person at the Estonian Embassy in New Delhi.


The “Work From Bermuda” program allows remote workers to stay on the Island for up to a year.

The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates' five-year tourist visa allows tourists to enter the country multiple times over five years for 90 days on each visit.

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