Eating healthy food need not be about setting limitations, having unrealistic goals, and staying away from the foods you love the most. In fact, it’s more about making right picks, feeling satiated, and elevating your mood. If your ‘healthy foods’ are not making your happy and want to stick to them, you are certainly making the wrong choices. Of course the flavors, texture, and taste matter! But, when it comes to selecting healthy foods, what matters is the tiny little powerhouses that give your body the energy it needs. The calories! And, we mean the good ones that also bring along a bunch of other nutrients. We all have heard about the calories, counted them, but not been able to befriend them. Are you willing to let go of all the misconceptions and accept calories with open arms? Are you ready to be pals with cals! At The 500 Calorie Project, we are bringing you just that. Now you can order Cal-Culated salads and low-calorie meals online, all filled with right proteins, healthy carbs, heart-healthy good fats, and fiber. This is something your body is asking for to be happy, healthy, and stress-free
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